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“Spiritual Intelligence” Theme during New UPF-Argentina Series

Buenos Aires, Argentina— “What is Spiritual Intelligence” was the theme of the beginning of a new Series proposed by UPF-Argentina called Peace Education Centers – Argentina (CEPA Project): “Places of Participation, Learning and Commitment for Social Transformation.

This virtual event took place on June 12 and 19, 2023, with a presentation by Ambassador for Peace Mario Gluzman, writer, lecturer coach, promoter of workshops on Human Development, Spiritual Intelligence, Motivation and Leadership, with extensive experience in business leadership in Venezuela, Mexico, Spain and Israel, after training in Business Administration in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires province.

When we discuss “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), it seems appropriate to address “Spiritual Intelligence.” This is an opportunity to reflect upon our huge potential and possibilities of a greater understanding and harmony in our interpersonal relationships. We also need to strengthen the concept of multiple kinds of intelligence, which was once rational only, and extend it to other dimensions.

These meetings, moderated by Prof. Julio Nardini, IAAP-Argentina representative, include a presentation for 12-15 minutes, then a round of contributions from participants who relate their experiences and understanding, as well as questions and doubts, and a final reflection with recommendations for practical, daily contributions to Common Good and Peace.

In the first meeting, Miguel Werner, UPF-Argentina president, began by reading this Series’ goals: “To learn from knowledge, experiences and good practices in order to improve, cooperate and commit to Common Good and Peace. To provide a collaborative space to train and improve active listening, empathy, mutual respect in our differences, with a fraternal service spirit. To provide resources and tools to face issues, including the post-COVID effects and changes in this uncertain time, with a sense of hope, in an intercultural, intergenerational and interreligious environment.

CEPA, an initiative of UPF-Argentina and its various leadership areas, seeks to focus on the central role of education, currently neglected due to other political urgencies and issues, and connect it to universal values and good practices for the deep transformation that needs to occur in our society. This has been established on the experience of the “Honoring a Peace Legacy” Series, which had 100 sessions from 2020 to 2022. These sessions consisted of reading a text by UPF Founders, with contributions from participants, and ending with a reflection and practical applications and a final spiritual invocation (2).


1) “What is Spiritual Intelligence?” I - Mario Gluzman - CEPA Project 12-6-2023

“¿What is Spiritual Intelligence?” II - Mario Gluzman - CEPA Project 19-6-2023

2) “Honoring a Peace Legacy” reaches its 100th session – UPF-Argentina:

By Miguel Werner, President, UPF-Argentina
Monday, June 19, 2023


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