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“Mental Health” Theme of UPF-Argentina’s Meeting

Argentina—“What Is Mental Health?” was the second theme of a new educational cycle launched in June by UPF-Argentina called Peace Educational Centers – Argentina (CEPA).

In the first virtual meeting, on July 10, Carlos Tryskier, clinical psychologist and director of the Argentinian Fibromyalgia Foundation’s Psi Area (1), made a general presentation on the topic, which is of global concern due to emotional, psychological and social disorders post-COVID (2). “Health is not only the absence of illness. It is a physical, mental and social wellbeing; a more spiritual wellbeing and a state of harmony and joy,” he stated.

In the second meeting, on July 17, Mr. Tryskier provided practical applications for a healthy life, such as games and laughter. Due to their biological, psychological and social benefits, he incorporates them into Social Clown-Psychologists, an entity he directs along with Ambassador for Peace Miriam Alberganti. They are primary health intervention agents who use games for therapeutic benefit, employing different dynamics and techniques (3).

This was the fourth 2023 CEPA (Peace Educational Centers – Argentina) Project Series, defined as “places of participation, learning and commitment for social transformation,” moderated by Ambassador for Peace Prof. Julio Nardini, IAAP-Argentina representative. For these events, an Ambassador for Peace who specializes in a certain theme briefly explains it and lets participants ask questions or make comments from their knowledge and experience.

At the conclusion, Miguel Werner, UPF-Argentina president, thanked the lecturer and expressed appreciation for his work, where “love and humor” are combined. He also pointed out that smiles are a resource “that opens doors,” beneficial not only for physical, emotional and social health, but also for Peace. “Peace begins with a smile,” he quoted Mother Theresa.

The objective of this new UPF-Argentina initiative is to “Learn from knowledge, experiences and good practices to overcome, cooperate and commit to Common Good and Peace. To foster a collaborative space of enhancing our active listening, empathy, mutual respect for our differences, with a fraternal spirit of service. To provide resources and tools to face issues, including the post-COVID effects and changes in such uncertain times, with a sense of hope, in an intercultural, intergenerational, interreligious environment.


1) Carlos Tryskier: clinical psychologist, social psychologist, councilor; Argentinian Fibromyalgia Foundation’s Psi Area director and co-director of Social Clown-Psychologists; Ambassador for Peace. His goal is to improve others’ quality of life, to train community leaders by promoting peace and culture, to create a solidary, selfless conscience with social projects through his clown role, intended to benefit those in need.

2) Recording of the 2023 CEPA Project Series:

“What Is Mental Health?” I – 2023 CEPA Series – 10-7-2023:

“What Is Mental Health?” II – 2023 CEPA Series – 17-7-2023:

“What Is Spiritual Intelligence?” I – 12-6-2023:

“What Is Spiritual Intelligence?” II – 19-6-2023:

3) Social Clown-Psychologists are mental health workers, psychology students and undergraduates with a “solidary vocation.”

By Miguel Werner, President, UPF-Argentina
Monday, July 17, 2023


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