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J. Mhagama: Address to Africa Summit

Address to Africa Summit 2018, Cape Town, South Africa, Nov. 21–25, 2018


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am a member of Parliament in Tanzania, and with me are two other members of Parliament in this forum. Tanzania has been in the forefront of peace nations since its independence in 1961, thanks to our founding father, Julius Nyerere, who was a close friend of Nelson Mandela. Special greetings from our members of Parliament and Tanzanians in general, who have a very close attachment with the history and life of South Africa.

At this occasion we feel very honored to be a part of this big world family under the guidance and leadership of Mother Moon to honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela. To us as Tanzanians Nelson Mandela is a true son of Africa, representing the best model of African heroes who sacrificed their lives for us, their brothers and sisters, being at the service of other people.

In honoring this legacy of Mandela, I would like to highlight the value of courage and the value of truth. Nelson Mandela had many choices. Being educated during that time and during that history he could have chosen not to engage in the route against apathy. He was a lawyer, he had the opportunity to live his life quietly, but he decided to stand for the truth because he believed truth is one, truth cannot be divided and truth cannot be compromised.

It took courage, together with his fellow heroes, to fight against apartheid. The African leaders of his time joined hands with him in support. As politicians, members of Parliament present here, ministers, what do we learn? Are we going to compromise truth because of corruption, because of wealth, because of anything? Are we ready to walk the way of Nelson Mandela, to stand for truth no matter how much that truth would cost us, including the cost of our life? Are we ready to do that? If we are ready as politicians, we will be walking the way of Nelson Mandela and in the way of all African leaders. Thank you very much.



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