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H. Lini: Peace in the Pacific Rim

Address to the World Summit on Peace, Seoul, Korea • February 10, 2008

Français, Español

Father Moon’s vision that world peace will begin in the Pacific Rim region is one that resonates in my heart. I too believe in the God-given idea that a pacific union encompassing all the nations in the Pacific Rim can be a model for peace and harmony which will secure peace for all mankind. This great vision is inspiring leaders and people throughout the Pacific region.

Vanuatu is known as the happiest country in the world, even though we still have many problems. Through the Ambassadors for Peace program and the Universal Peace Federation, significant events have been initiated in Vanuatu that are helping our nation become a model for peace. Even though we are small in size, Father Moon’s vision has empowered us to think beyond our shores and dream of peace in the world.

The people of the Pacific, even though few in number, share a special bond. Though we are separated by great distances, we are bound together by the very ocean that keeps us apart.

It is very gratifying that Father Moon’s sincere investment in the oceanic realm for over 30 years is beginning to bear fruit. We are looking forward to the day when the Peace Messages will motivate people around the globe to work for one family under God. The Vanuatu government will continue to maintain its close relation with the Universal Peace Federation to ensure that world peace prospers in the Pacific Rim.

Summit 2008