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UPF-Peru Celebrates UN World Interfaith Harmony Week

Lima, Peru—Eleven distinguished religious leaders gathered at the UPF-Peru headquarters to commemorate UN World Interfaith Harmony Week. The meeting was sponsored by the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD) Peru and the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Peru branch on February 7, 2023.

The meeting opened with a video presented by UPF Peru executive president, Dr. Trevor Jones. Outstanding representatives of religious congregations and Ambassadors for Peace were part of the table of honor:

  1. Bishop Jesús Manuel Mejía Quiroz, president of IAPD-Peru and president of the Anglican Catholic Church of Peru

  2. Pastor Orestes Sánchez Luis, general secretary of IAPD-Peru and representative of “Luz del Mundo” World Christian Mission Church

  3. Pastor Violeta Nolasco Negreiros, representative of the Renovation Apostolic Church

  4. Bishop Marco Antonio Gómez Perez, representative of the Anglican and Historical Church of Peru

  5. Archbishop Ángel Ernesto Morán Vidal, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Orthodox Apostolic Catholic Church of Peru

  6. Monsignor Bishop Aparicio Fuentes Guizado, superior general and founder of “Cristo Resucitado” Apostolic Catholic Church of Peru

  7. Pastor Luis Acero Picchu, representative of “Pastores de Huaral” Fraternity and founder of the Christian Interfaith Alliance

  8. Lopon Jigme Rigdzin, spiritual representative of Drukpa Buddhist Lineage in Peru

  9. Juan Noé Ataucusi Ospina, priest and national and international general missionary of Peru Israel Evangelical Association

  10. Bishop David Quispe Aguirre, representative of Cristo Buen Pastor missionary congregation, Cristo Rey parish

  11. Victor Manuel Calderón Rodríguez, president and founder of “Institución de Apoyo a los Pueblos Olvidados” and representative of the Orthodox Apostolic Catholic Church of Peru

Likewise, the general secretaries of UPF-Peru associations attended the event: Dr. Teresa Otiniano, general secretary of IAPP-Peru; Engr. Christian Contreras, general secretary of IAAP Peru; Mr. Valentín Valladares, general secretary of IAED; and Mrs. Rosario Tanaka, secretary of the humanitarian work area of ​​IAED-Peru.

“In these troubled times, it is more important than ever that religious leaders work together harmoniously and show an example of peaceful cooperation that transcends all barriers of race, religion and color,” said Dr. Jones during the opening remarks. Quoting UPF founder Dr. Sun Myung Moon, he said, “Global institutions must be built on a foundation that takes into account the full potential of the human being, not only as a political, economic, and social being, but also as a spiritual being with spiritual needs and a capacity for spiritual wisdom and insight.”

“Today, the spirit of UPF founder, Dr. Moon, calls upon all leaders to fraternize and break down boundaries that have divided us at some point. The testimony of each religious leader is important to face the difficult task of achieving peace in our nation, even more so in these times when violence is present in our streets,” said Bishop Jesús Mejía. He congratulated the religious leaders and Ambassadors for Peace for their participation and urged them to work together for peace: “You are that seed that God has placed so that you can sow peace in each citizen’s heart so that our nation may be prosperous.”

All the religious leaders and the general secretaries of UPF-Peru associations participated in the Interreligious Ceremony of the Holy Water of Life and Peace, joining in a representative prayer for peace and unity led by Pastor Orestes Sánchez. Subsequently, the religious leaders gave commemorative remarks and said a prayer for peace and unity in our country and in the world.

Pastor Sánchez congratulated UPF-Peru for commemorating this date in our country. He regretted the acts of violence and natural disasters that have recently affected Peru. “UPF is the only organization that works for peace in Peru,” he said. He proposed that UPF-Peru prepare a statement for the cessation of violence and peace in our country and invited the religious leaders to join this initiative. “We are the ones called to create a bridge of understanding with frank and honest dialogue. We do not need to support right wing or left wing, but focus on the purpose of preserving life. Religious leaders must use necessary mechanisms (intercession, prayer, meditation, etc.) to achieve peace, harmony and unity.”

As part of the celebration, an incorporation ceremony for 25 new Ambassadors for Peace was held. Dr. Jones gave an induction speech to the new Ambassadors for Peace, welcoming them to the organization. The appointment ceremony was led by UPF-Peru general secretary Mr. Jaime Fernández, who gave the certificates to the new Ambassadors for Peace. Dr. Franco Vidal Morales, mayor of the District of Ate, and Mrs. Bernarda Anaya offered acknowledgement remarks for their appointment as Ambassadors for Peace, ratifying their commitment to promote peace and provide help to those most in need.

Recognition certificates were given to the religious leaders and the general secretaries of UPF-Peru associations. The closing remarks were given by Mr. Jaime Fernández Túpac.

To watch a video of this event, click here.

By Dr. Trevor Edward Jones, President, UPF-Peru
Tuesday, February 7, 2023


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