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UPF-Peru Celebrates UN International Mother Earth Day

Lima, Peru—Twenty-six new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed during the forum for the UN International Mother Earth Day on April 28, 2023, in the auditorium of the Universal Peace Federation UPF-Peru branch.

The forum under the theme “Make Peace with Nature” had the special participation of Ambassador for Peace Dr. Rodrigo Arce Rojas, professor of Ecology and Environmental Management at Ricardo Palma University, who expressed his thoughts and experiences around this important celebration. In the same way, Ambassador for Peace and surgeon, Dr. Carmen Solís Torres, read a message elaborating on the celebration.

The president of UPF-Peru, Dr. Trevor Jones, shared with the audience in his opening remarks the latest UPF news, highlighting the upcoming 2023 Peace Summit and the inauguration of the Peace Palace in South Korea, in honor of the UPF International founders. Dr. Jones concluded his speech by emphasizing the importance of promoting initiatives that contribute to the preservation of the environment and humanitarian aid to those most in need. “We all have the opportunity to make a difference. UPF is working hard around the world to support environmental projects. Caring for the planet is everyone’s mission.”

Engineer Rodrigo Arce Rojas emphasized: “We currently find ourselves in a crisis in all areas of reality (environmental, political, education, etc.) and we have practically declared war, not only on nature but on all of humanity because there are wars, exclusions, inequalities, racism etc.” He gave a reflection about the importance of visualizing the current problems facing our planet in order to establish a peaceful relationship with our Mother Earth. Dr. Arce Rojas concluded his speech by emphasizing the need to incorporate a bio-cultural ethic that integrates human rights and indigenous rights with the rights of nature. “We have to recover the authentic meaning of life on the entire planet.”

During the celebration, 28 new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed, including officials, academics, religious leaders, businessmen and civil society leaders. Dr. Trevor Jones gave induction remarks to the new Ambassadors for Peace. The appointment ceremony was chaired by the general secretary of UPF-Peru, Mr. Jaime Fernández, who gave the certificates to the new Ambassadors for Peace. Mrs. Marcelina Campos Lorenzo and Mrs. Petra Klein offered acknowledgement remarks for their appointment as Ambassadors for Peace and for the recognition of their community service.

Subsequently, certificates were awarded to Dr. Arce Rojas and the UPF-Peru staff for their outstanding work. The event featured a cultural presentation by Mrs. Petra Klein. The closing remarks were given by Mr. Jaime Fernández Túpac.

By Dr. Trevor Edward Jones, Executive President, UPF-Peru
Friday, April 28, 2023


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