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UPF-Peru Celebrates the UN International Day of Families 2023

Lima, Peru—On May 31, 2023, the Universal Peace Federation UPF Peru branch in co-sponsorship with the office of the Congressman of the Republic Alex Antonio Paredes Gonzales held an event celebrating the UN International Day of Families. Twenty-eight new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed during the forum under the theme “Demographic Trends and Families” in the auditorium of the Congress of the Republic José Faustino Sánchez Carrión.

The event brought together outstanding guests, including Congressman Alex Antonio Paredes Gonzales and the executive president of the Universal Peace Federation UPF Peru branch, Dr. Trevor Jones, who virtually participated in the meeting. In addition, Ambassador for Peace and obstetrician, Dr. Talky Vásquez Cossío; Ambassador for Peace and psychologist Consuelo Napaico Alcalde; Ambassador for Peace and sociologist, Jorge Marcos Martínez Campoblanco; and UPF-Peru secretary general, Mr. Jaime Fernández, were part of the table of honor.

During his welcoming remarks, Congressman Alex Paredes Gonzales emphasized the importance of commemorating this day, to defend family and family values ​​such as empathy, in opposition to the current situation. He called for more people and institutions to join the work that UPF carries out in favor of families in society.

In the same way, Dr. Trevor Jones, expressed in his opening remarks: “The Universal Peace Federation reaffirms the value of the family as the central core of society. Families formed the basis of communities, societies and civilizations throughout the centuries. The family is the school of love, virtue, ethics and citizenship,” citing the guiding principles of UPF Co-Founders, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

Ambassador for Peace and psychologist Consuelo Napaico Andrade emphasized the importance of building the self-esteem of human beings from the mother’s womb and during childhood: “During childhood, basic socio-emotional skills such as empathy, assertive communication, and working as a team, among others, comprise the principles and values ​​in a human being.” Ms. Napaico concluded her speech by giving a message promoting mental health in society.

Ambassador for Peace and sociologist, Jorge Martínez Campoblanco, CICSTEP CEO and founder, gave a detailed presentation on the effects of demographic trends on families: “Changes in social structures over time impact people’s quality of life.” Mr. Martínez shared his thoughts about the persistence of inequality in families: “The difficulty of accessing health services, education, drinking water, etc. affects family dynamics.” He ended his presentation by calling on the audience to transform the society in which we live for the sake of all Peruvians.

As part of the program, the incorporation of 28 new Ambassadors for Peace was celebrated, including Congressman Alex Antonio Paredes Gonzales, together with officials from the government sector, academics, businessmen and civil society leaders. Dr. Trevor Jones gave induction remarks to the new Ambassadors for Peace, inviting them to commit to UPF’s guiding principles. Mr. Jaime Fernández chaired the appointment ceremony. Ms. Arelis Polo Márquez and Ms. Elvia Caballero Bueno offered acknowledgement remarks on behalf of the new Ambassadors for Peace that were appointed at the event.

Subsequently, a recognition was awarded to Congressman Alex Paredes Gonzales by Mr. Jaime Fernández. The meeting included a musical performance of “A Quena from Peru for the World” by Ricky Guarango. Closing remarks were given by Congressman Alex Paredes Gonzales.

By Dr. Trevor Edward Jones, Executive President, UPF-Peru
Wednesday, May 31, 2023


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