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UPF-Argentina Honors 10 Couples during UN International Day of Families

Buenos Aires, Argentina—UPF-Argentina paid tribute to 10 couples married for 26 to 56 years during their 15th celebration of the UN International Day of Families (1), on May 15, 2023. The event took place at Vicente López “Medical Circle” in Buenos Aires province (2).

As in other years, valuable, heartfelt and cheerful testimonies were shared by the recipients: Juan Borches - Verónica Di Nardo, Miguel Basso - Silvia Bojart, Víctor Gómez - Karla Regali, Guillermo Pini - Viviana Lanzoni, Luis Castellón - Patricia Santillán, Rubén Fiorentino - Graciela Willis, Adolfo Cimino - Susana Brunati, Víctor Cristina - Alicia Rebeille, Jorge Longoni - Elsa Contrera and Alejandro Stern - Ana Krasowski. They were recommended by Ambassadors for Peace Cristina Mirabelli, Palma Papa, Bernardo Del Guercio, Luis D’Angelo, Sergio Castellón & Rosetta Conti, and Miguel Werner & Alba Luz Tangarife.

Presenting the certificates of recognition were Rosetta Conti, member of UPF-Argentina’s governing board and president of the WFWP-Argentina, and Sergio Castellón, member of UPF-Argentina’s and FFWPU-Argentina’s Peace Council (3). They were followed by Miguel Werner, UPF-Argentina president, who officiated as the emcee, and Alba Luz Tangarife, member of the UPF governing board, who gave a rose to the couples. This led to a romantic moment in which the gentlemen gave the flower to their respective partners.

Welcoming remarks were given by Silvia Koslab, public relations and culture manager of Vicente López “Medical Circle.” Also giving remarks was Bernardo Del Guercio, postgraduate in Couple Therapy, guidance counselor at various institutions and Ambassador for Peace who helped arrange the event. Historian Cristina Mirabelli, member of the “Dialogue and Coexistence” Interreligious Group, read the UPF-International Declaration for the 2023 International Day of Families (4).

Several songs were performed by Franco Mangone, an immigrant who came to Argentina after WWII, when he was four, from Calabria (Italy), and who is now a renowned singer-songwriter of Italian music.

Before the event, we showed videos of previous International Day of Families events (5). At the end, a delicious cake was shared, in a fraternal and family atmosphere.

UPF-Argentina has celebrated the International Day of Families since 2009 in order to strengthen intergenerational bonds and show appreciation for the work and experiences of parents, who are the pillars of this fundamental social network for early childhood and the passing on and internalization of coexistence norms and good practices for community peace and sustainable development.


1) The International Day of Families was established in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly. It is celebrated every year “to raise awareness on the fundamental role of families in the education of children from their early childhood, and permanent learning opportunities for children and young people.”

2) Video and photos of the 2023 International Day of Families – UPF-Argentina:

3) Inscription on the Certificates: “For promoting, with their life testimony of many years of marriage, an example of commitment to values such as selflessness, mutual respect and dialogue, solidarity and cooperation, empathy and patience, love and family: natural support network for the growth, education and protection of children’s rights, school of coexistence, basic unit of society and divine institution; intergenerational bond that provides a foundation for community, national and global peace.

4) UPF-International Declaration for the 2023 International Day of Families:

5) 2019 International Day of Families – Cultural and Social Arab League – UPF-Argentina:

2019 International Day of Families – Rotary Club North Merlo – UPF-Argentina:

By Miguel Werner, President, UPF-Argentina
Monday, May 15, 2023


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