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Russian Women Artists: Beauty and Kindness Save the World

Moscow, Russia – "Do you believe that angels exist?" This question was posed to Ms. Natalya Yatsenko, art director of the international project "Angels of Peace," at an online meeting of the International Association of Arts and Culture for Peace (IAACP) on March 30, 2024. Many other intriguing topics were also discussed by cultural and artistic figures during the meeting, which was dedicated to the Day of Cultural Workers of Russia on March 25.

The meeting was especially touching and sincere, perhaps because this time all the honored guests – successful cultural and artistic figures – were remarkable women. In summary, the meeting conveyed messages about culture, kindness, and family through the voices of female creators.

The event commenced with an address from the president of UPF-Russia, Ms. Maria Nazarova. She elaborated on the vision and principles of UPF and IAACP, touching upon various cultural and artistic topics in her brief speech, including literature, music, and ballet with choreography. She shared quotes from two Russian novelists: Fyodor Dostoevsky's words that "Beauty will save the world," along with Mikhail Prishvin's addition, that “Beauty will save the world if she is kind.”

Ms. Natalya Yatsenko presented the beautiful and majestic international project "Angels of the World," which currently encompasses not only painting – with 366 angel paintings spanning 4 meters in height and 92 meters in length – but also poetry, original songs, and more, all conveying the profound presence of angels in our lives. Natalya also introduced the painting competition "Faces of Angels" and encouraged artists to participate.

Although Ms. Olga Smirnova, the artistic director of the Music and Poetry Lounge "Lyra" from the Center for Spiritual Development in Moscow, couldn't personally discuss her project as she was conducting a program for children at an orphanage, the project was presented by the meeting's host, Ms. Tatyana Kuznetsova. For a decade, the Music and Poetry Lounge "Lyra" has been hosting captivating programs aimed at cultural and moral education across various age groups, always accompanied by delightful music and choreography.

Ms. Maria Goremychkina, an author, creator, leader, laureate, director, and member of the Union of Russian Photographers, shared insights into her family projects, particularly relevant in Russia's Year of the Family. One project, focusing on strengthening families through the "Bird of the Family" game, aids in discovering one's ancestry. Participants were intrigued by the depth to which one can explore their family history, with Maria revealing that under fortunate circumstances, it's possible to trace back to the year 1400, although on average, families can trace their roots before 1700.

The meeting concluded with a discussion of IAACP’s upcoming plans and projects. Cultural and artistic figures were invited to contribute to the grand opening of the "Bouquet of Family Happiness" painting exhibition, scheduled for May 15 at UPF headquarters in Moscow. Artists were encouraged to participate in the exhibition, while figures from other cultural and artistic domains were urged to prepare creative performances related to the exhibition's theme.

The program had 115,000 impressions in the Russian language social media and attracted 29,000 views.

People often think that the world is driven by politics, but in reality, it is not. Culture and art are what move the world. Emotions, not reason, touch the deepest strings of the human soul. The meeting of the IAACP reaffirmed this sentiment. 

By Tatyana Kuznetsova, UPF-Russia March 30, 2024


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