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Helsinki Gathering Addresses Paths from Pain to Prosperity

Helsinki, Finland – To coincide with the U.N. World Interfaith Harmony Week, UPF-Finland organized an event in Helsinki on February 3, 2024. The theme was "From Mutual Pain to Mutual Prosperity." Participants joined either in person or online via Zoom.


Mr. Keijo Mikkanen, secretary general of UPF-Finland, served as host and moderator. In his opening remarks he said: "Our world is divided into two camps, one that believes in God and an atheistic one that believes God does not exist. Without reconciling these two opposing beliefs, there is no hope of ever building a society of peaceful coexistence and mutual prosperity that shares the same universal values.”     


Pastor Samuel, from the Pentecostal Baptist RCCG Hosanna Chapel, gave a lively opening about the nature of suffering and prosperity and how to move from pain to prosperity. His talk included 10 points whereby he explained the importance of financial systems, environmental issues and various social phenomena. He drew attention to the ongoing wars and armed conflicts that are causing tremendous strife and deep pain to every family living in those areas.


Next to speak was Mr. Avi Balwani, originally from India. He is an eye specialist, studying at Helsinki University. Mr. Balwani brought a physiological aspect to the discussion. He explained the importance of critical evaluation to distinguish between imagination and reality. 


Pastor Linus Anyamele, of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement in Helsinki, said that religious people are called to find solutions to world problems together with God. This means that men and women are in a partnership with God and that solutions cannot be found by human endeavour alone. With love, compassion and cooperation, righteous solutions will be found in order to build an ideal world in which we love God and our neighbours and share our prosperity. 


The last speaker was Pastor Anthony Blessing Kapindula from the Bethel Worship Centre in Malawi, Africa, who joined the event virtually via Zoom. Pastor Kapindula recalled the deep experiences he had in his native country when he started sharing UPF’s Principles of Peace. He said his explanations of these principles was well received, especially among the youth in universities and high schools. 


At the end, the audience showered the speakers with constructive and educational questions, as well as pleasant comments, in a warm and embracing atmosphere.

By Mr. Keijo Mikkanen, Secretary General, UPF-Finland February 3, 2024


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