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“Altruism” Theme Began the “Honoring a Peace Legacy” 2023 Series

Buenos Aires, Argentina— “Selfishness and Altruism” was the theme of the “Honoring a Peace Legacy” 2023 Series held on June 5, 2023 through a virtual meeting. This series, started by UPF-Argentina in April 2020 during the global quarantine, reached 100 sessions at the end of the 2022 Series. It consists of reading UPF Co-Founders’ teachings, contributions from participants, reflections and a final prayer (1).

Miguel Werner, UPF-Argentina president, welcomed everyone to the 2023 Series by reading the goals of the fourth edition of this initiative: “To learn from the Co-Founders’ messages and experiences and from participants’ experiences and reflections. To improve our listening skills and empathy, in times where we need to strengthen our spirituality, bonds and unity. To encourage a fraternal spirit in an environment of interreligious, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue. To encourage greater commitments for common good, Service, Family and Peace.”

“In times of increased materialism and radicalized individual interests, which cause conflicts and fights, it is important to reflect upon our present and our history, to foster good practices and examples in order to observe a beacon of hope…” was the reference to the “Selfishness and Altruism” theme, which brought together 15 participants, who in every session share their knowledge and experiences in order to provide practical applications in our daily lives.

“Selfishness is rampant in the world. Ironically, however, the individual is destroyed by this, and not just the individual, but those around him and the nation as a whole. The greatest obstacle to the world of peace is avarice in peoples’ hearts,” read Rosetta Conti, WFWP-Argentina president, from “The River Does Not Reject the Waters that Flow into It,” a chapter in Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen.

Participants then commented on this excerpt, moderated by Ambassador for Peace Inderveer Kaur, IAPD-Argentina representative.

At the start of the program, we shared the inspirational video “Noche,” by the Hakuna Group (2). To close, Julio Nardini, Ambassador for Peace and IAAP-Argentina representative, gave the “Reflection of reflections,” unifying all the shared ideas in this first 2023 Series session – session 101 since the beginning of the “Honoring a Peace Legacy” initiative.


1) “Honoring a Peace Legacy” reaches 100 sessions – UPF-Argentina:

2) “Noche,” by Hakuna Group:

By Miguel Werner, President, UPF-Argentina
Monday, June 5, 2023


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