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Peace Education

UPF-Switzerland Volunteers Join "Peace Road" on Bike and on Foot

Switzerland-2021-09-11-Swiss Join Peace Road on Bike and on Foot

Zürich, Switzerland—Twenty-seven UPF supporters on foot and on bicycles took part in a "Peace Road" event in the north of Switzerland.

After a week of rainy weather, the sun came out for the local contribution to this amazing worldwide event and stayed throughout the day.

Seven cyclists set out from the town of Niederglatt and headed along bike trails through the countryside toward Kaiserstuhl, where they were joined by two more cyclists. Then together they continued their ride to the town of Bad Zurzach on the Rhine River, the border between Switzerland and Germany. Altogether the distance traveled was 36 kilometers (over 22 miles).

Meanwhile a group of seven people met at Bad Zurzach railway station. They enjoyed a walk through the wonderful garden of a castle, with small ponds, shady trees  and colorful flowers. It was an ideal setting to reflect on how beautiful the world could be if we all were willing to recognize our Creator as a Heavenly Parent and that we are all one worldwide family.

Inspired by the short walk, they continued walking down to the bank of the Rhine and followed the river, enjoying the picturesque scenery and flowing water.

The walkers met the cyclists at a barbecue area by the river, where the “small family” of 27 shared some food and drink.

Long into the afternoon they enjoyed talking with each other, something they hadn’t been able to do for many months. Some went for a cooling paddle or swim before heading off in different directions.

The "Peace Road" initiative started in 2015, and since then thousands of people around the world have taken to the road on bicycles and on foot to show their determination to realize a beautiful, peaceful world.

UPF co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon has said: “The vision is for a high-speed transportation artery linking the entire globe. On the day of its completion, much of our world will become one village linked by one road.”

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