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Peace Education

UPF-Russia Convenes Roundtable on Peacekeeping

Russia-2020-10-19-Positivity Prescribed for Troubled Times

Moscow, Russia—UPF together with the Amicability international diplomatic club held a roundtable on the topic "Russia's Peacekeeping Mission in the Face of Global Challenges."

The meeting on October 19, 2020, was hosted by the Moscow Government House. Among the participants were scientists, politicians, public figures, and businessmen. They discussed how the severe challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic became a continuation of the moral and spiritual crisis.

The culmination of the event was the ceremony of awarding Ambassador for Peace certificates.

The roundtable was opened by State Duma Deputy Gadzhimurad Omarov. He stated that today's media, for the sake of ratings, are often ready to kindle and stir up conflicts, rather than contribute to their settlement.

“Any politicians, journalists, social activists during this period should talk about what benefits reconciliation. There is no need to look for who is right and wrong,” Mr. Omarov said, speaking about the current situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Being a scientist, Dr. Alexander Savyolov-Deryabin emphasized the fact that recently, in connection with the pandemic, many have been talking about diseases, not health. Professor Savyolov-Deryabin asserted that numerous scientific works, as well as his own extensive professional and life experience, support his main thesis: "Our main healer is the individual defenses of our body, and their state largely depends on ourselves."

Dmitry Samko, the head of UPF-Moscow, continued the theme started by Mr. Omarov about the power of the media. He urged peacekeepers and public figures to use social networks more often and more actively, filling new media with positive content, to support each other in order to resist negative and destructive trends that have become worse in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Samko also reminded everyone of the role of the UN and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which could become an additional unifying factor.

Vania Markovich, a well-known social blogger with more than 3 million views on YouTube, said: “Peace, like war, is created by all of us. If, according to the domino principle, we launch around us the creative energy of love and goodness, then we will arrive in peace and prosperity. And we should not stop, but constantly move toward a better version of ourselves."

Summing up the roundtable, Dr. Sergei Dvoryanov of the Amicability international diplomatic club thanked all those present and called for greater cooperation of all caring and positive people in this difficult time.

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