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Empowerment of Women

Lusophone Webinar Draws Participants from Three Continents

Brazil-2021-03-13-First Lusophone Webinar Hosted by UPF, WFWP and YSP Unites Three Continents

Europe, Africa and South America—On March 13, 2021, nearly 220 participants from over eight countries on three continents participated in a joint event with many opportunties for personal, social and political development. Women and men leaders representing all facets of the society and from three peace organizations met to share their knowledge and best practices to find sustainable solutions and see how to implement them in partnership with governments, entrepreneurs and social institutions. The Portuguese chapter of the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), the Angola chapter of Youth and Students for Peace (YSP), and the Brazil chapter of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) held the first Lusophone webinar (of the eight countries participating seven were Portuguese speaking). The topic was “Women’s Leadership in the Family, Entrepreneurship and Politics.”

Participating as speakers were WFWPI International Vice President Mrs. Carolyn Handschin from Switzerland, President of YSP-Angola Manuel Baveca, President of UPF-Brazil and Secretary General of UPF-South America Dr. Neudir Simão Ferabolli, President of WFWP Portugal Dr. Marta de Carvalho. Main speakers were former Prime Minister of São Tomé and Príncipe Dr. Maria das Neves de Sousa, Mozambican Minister of Gender Nyeleti Mondlane (who did not come due to last-minute contingency), Portuguese Member of Parliament Susana Amador, Brazilian Member of Parliament Rosimery Corrêa, Ambassador from Mozambique Glória Mkaima, and Brazílian University Professor Celestino Diamaketo Nanyzaia. There was a total of 14 guest speakers from seven countries (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé and Principe), as well as from Switzerland. There were two emcees: Vice-President of WFWP-Portugal Mrs. Ana Paula Berto and YSP-Angola Secretary General Dr. Domingos Pepe.

The program included three cultural parts that were presented by Portuguese poet and Ambassador for Peace Dr. Mário Máximo, the YSP-Angola ballet´ school teacher Madalena Sanda and her two students, as well as the musical choir of YSP-Brazil. 

There were three panels (Family, Entrepreneurship and Political), moderated by President of WFWP-Portugal Dr. de Carvalho, Ambassador for Peace from YSP-Angola Dr. Eva Santos, and President of UPF-Brazil Dr. Ferabolli, respectively. 

The opening remarks were made by International Vice-President of WFWPI for Europe Mrs. Handschin, and the closing was by Mr. Baveca, YSP-Angola president. The technical issues were handled by Host Marlon Vigelandzoom together with Co-host Mrs. Carla Vieira, and Dr. Ariana Ortet Vigelandzoom coordinated the program.

With this webinar WFWP-Portugal intended to create a closer connection among L usophone countries to better support the work of UPF Cofounder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

We hosted around 220 participants (direct and Facebook Live).

We hope this may be the first of many other Lusophone events to come. We have received congratulatory messages from Europe, Africa, and Brazil. Following are a few excerpts.

On behalf of YSP-Angola, I thank you for everything you have done and do. very much.

Manuel Baveca


We just want to tell you that we are very proud of you putting together such wonderful program with many outstanding speakers to honor Women’s Day.

Loving greetings,

Gudrun and Albert


Thank you for al, of the hard work. We can see and feel how much effort has gone into making this a success. The music was very nice. I liked that you had two emcees and they both did a great job. What wonderful speakers, amazing! Now you need a good rest. Heavenly Parent and True Parents are very proud of all of your and the team's efforts.

Blessings to you always,


United Kingdom

I would like to congratulate for your successful webinar last Saturday. I could attend for the first part and I could see the high level of speakers and deep and significant topics they could share. Congratulations also for being able to organize such a long webinar with three sessions all around the world.

Elisabetta Nistri


Through this group, which unites citizens at various latitudes and longitudes, we are very grateful for the sharing space made by our friend Dr. Marta Carvalho in the initiative of Lusophone countries. We must do everything to not lose these connections. In this way we grow.

Zeferino Bual


Unfortunately, I was not able to watch it completely, due to the internet connection, but I am already reviewing the materials you sent me and highlight the excellence of the content, in addition to your competence, dedication and love for everything you do! It is gratifying to watch the videos.




Thank you, dear sister Dr. Marta. God is with us. Very well done, dear sister, I am proud of you, my dear. I'm your fan.

Dr. Maria das Neves C. de Sousa, Former Prime Minister of São Tomé and Principe

Excellent program and work. Thank you, my sister Dr. Marta de Carvalho. I am very happy, very happy.

A thousand times thanks for the opportunity. You are my heroine. My sister, thanks for the wonderful gesture with this first Lusophone webinar.

Gizela Eunice Ribeiro

Guinea Bissau"

I could not do this great work alone. It was the result of many people, all those I enumerated above, so it was a joint effort. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who accepted the idea of holding this Lusophone webinar and everyone who accepted our invitation, namely the direct participants in our program, without whom it would not have been possible. All of you are part of this challenge to go onwards.

Marta de Carvalho

To see the webinar, click here.

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