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K.H. Kim: Address to Rally of Hope IV

Address to Rally of Hope IV
December 5, 2020


Ladies and Gentlemen, brothers and sisters in faith, thank you all for joining us today on this special occasion, celebrating the first anniversary of the World Christian Leadership Conference (WCLC).

A year ago, we inaugurated WCLC in a large arena, the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. We launched this great initiative for world Christianity to work together and unite to advance the realization of a Heavenly Unified World, under the guidance of the Mother of Peace, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

Many people throughout the world have been suffering from the pandemic spiritually and physically.

We have just completed two days of sessions of the WCLC Convocation virtually. Through this technology we can exchange ideas and come together in one heart centered on God, our Heavenly Parent.

In our resolution of the World Christian Leadership Conference, we recognize the new providential era. This new era is centered on us being God’s family. We are to attend God, our Heavenly Parent, at the center of our lives, as members of His family.

Father and Mother Moon have taught us that human efforts alone cannot solve humanity’s problems. The solution to today’s problems is rooted in God. In our relationship with God. Dr. Moon, the Mother of Peace, repeated to us numerous times that it is us, the religious leaders who represent God in this world. We are the owners, and it is up to us to carry out the providence to accomplish the divine Will. As Christian leaders, we are chosen to do His will.

Mother Moon told us that we are the righteous [religious] leaders prepared by God in this age. God is trusting us with His people, His children, His heart. What does it mean for us to unite centered on God? Of course, it is easier said than done. We heard it before. But it is our commission from God, from our True Parents, to put aside our differences, to look in one direction and fulfill our mission at this time.

How do we bring about a peaceful world? How do we overcome all these divisions? It begins in the family. We say, Peace Starts with Me; each of us is responsible to create peace within ourselves and around us. What is closest to us? Our family. If we put God in the center of our lives and our families, we will see how the world changes. This is the True Family Movement: each of us creating good families centered on God, and then multiplying such families in our communities, and thus building whole nations centering on God.

Today, we are here to hear Mother Moon’s message. In these trying times, the voice of the Mother of Peace will bring us comfort and love. But I have no doubt that there will be a calling in it, a calling to unite and do God’s Will for the sake of the world and all humanity.

So, let us open our hearts and minds to answer the call of God at this time. Let us be His chosen people, His family on earth and usher in this new era, letting peace reign on earth.

Thank you all again.

God Bless you, your families, your communities, and your nations!

Bishop Dr. Kim Ki Hoon is the Chairman of the World Christian Leadership Conference Steering Committee.



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