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G. Jonathan: Address to Rally of Hope II

Address to Rally of Hope II
September 27, 2020


Our Dear Mother Moon, your excellencies, heads of state and government, former presidents and former prime ministers, chairman of UPF International, Dr. Thomas Walsh, distinguished ladies and gentlemen:

I am delighted to be at this Rally of Hope which is focusing on the ways of mitigating the challenges that we face in the twenty-first century, ranging from pandemics, to climate change, conflicts and poverty. I commend Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the co-founder of the Universal Peace Federation, who has continued to skillfully steer the ship of UPF, taking it to loftier heights, since the passing of her husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I should observe that this event is remarkably taking place exactly eight years after he departed this world on September 3, 2012. May God Almighty continue to grant his soul eternal rest.

I thank the International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP), the leadership and the entire team of the Universal Peace Federation for their continuous advocacy for sustainable peace in the world. I also commend world leaders for sparing the time to be in this conference at a time like this. The fact that this Rally of Hope is held today is a testament to the commitment and passion of world leaders to be part of the peaceful resolution of the challenges to the world and its development. The world will be better for it when we commit to building on the common ground that we all share as one human family by promoting greater solidarity among all peoples.

The Covid-19 crisis created widespread disruption throughout the world. The disruption has impacted the lives of the individuals who have been infected, their families and loved ones. It has also impacted health care workers, children who were forced out of schools—some of whom have lost their parents and loved ones—workers who lost their jobs and companies that were forced into bankruptcy. Nations have also not been spared as health facilities have been stretched while development and economies have continued to nosedive. But we are here today to encourage everyone that this time is a potential turning point and transformative moment for the world.

At times like this, I hold fast to the International Summit Council for Peace’s philosophy of Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universally Shared Values. And, as the chairman of ISCP-Africa and as one who is very concerned about the future of Africa, I equally encourage other leaders to think and reflect on these principles. This will help in the process of creating an innovative approach to the whole idea of conflict resolution, disaster management and economic empowerment. The lesson therefore that we have learned is to interdepend on one another. Together we shall reverse the negative impacts of the pandemic and underscore new positive gains. In line with the theme of this conference and the UPF principles of living for the sake of others, the philosophy of ISCP as it pertains to interdependence, mutual prosperity and shared values, cannot be overemphasized, because of its promise of global harmony.

What does this tell us? It simply means that with stronger ties and partnerships, perhaps, a similar challenge in the future would not have the kind of effect this one has had on the world today. Let us therefore adopt the spirit of oneness, collaboration, and mutual partnerships to help nations with slower recovery rates to gain greater momentum. The ISCP-Africa, which I chair, will encourage leaders to adopt this philosophy and translate it into a conflict management and resolution template in their respective jurisdictions. With this, it is hoped that the rise and growth of nations in Africa and countries in other parts of the world, is assured. Let us all join in the efforts to achieve a just and peaceful world, based on these principles. I wish you all fruitful deliberations. I thank you all.

H.E. Goodluck Jonathan was president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from 2010 to 2015. He serves as chairman of the International Summit Council for Peace–Africa.



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