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K. El Kantar: Address to International Leadership Conference 2018

Address to International Leadership Conference 2018, Seoul, Korea, February 18-22, 2018

To her Excellency, the great respected Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the founder of UPF. Honorable religious leaders, parliamentarians and ambassadors from all over the world, ladies and gentlemen.

From my beloved Lebanon, the country of peace, culture and civilization, we came to Korea, the country of a wonderful people, history, culture and industry. We came to greet the peace-loving people of Korea who raise the banner of peace all over the world.

A great greeting to UPF and its founders, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who put the cornerstone for peace in the world with their thought and activities, speaking to officials and decision makers to help all people in doing good and creating peace.

In Lebanon, UPF held a great conference, which was very successful and fruitful due to all your efforts. This conference is opening a new era so as to stop wars and fighting in the world and create peace.

From the mountains of Lebanon, I come representing the Druze community, which always tries to bring peace in Lebanon. This is practically done through our historical agreements with all Lebanese people. As a representative of my community and from my position as the highest spiritual leader, I appreciate your deep vision for creating peace among peoples.

In Lebanon, we suffered a lot of wars and destruction and now through the efforts of the Lebanese people, the religious leaders and military leaders who struggled for peace and security in Lebanon, our country became an icon of peace through our free parliament.

Your pioneering role and ours give hope to unite parliamentarians to face many dangers that threaten our world, so religious leaders should plant seeds of love instead of fundamentalism and terrorism in order to jump to the highest level of peace, humanitarianism and love in the world.

We as ambassadors of peace are ready to invest all our efforts to create and bring peace through organizing conferences at the highest levels to bring everlasting peace in the world.

The war and destruction we see today are a result the work of terrorist organizations that are supported by some countries to destroy cultures and civilizations of other countries for the sake of wealth and power. The wars that destroyed our societies and nations in the east were initiated by extremist and terrorist thought, which was supported financially by terrorist and extremist countries.

The world now is facing great challenges like climate change and other problems in families, societies and between religious sects. Humanity can bring about change by officials and religious leaders and parliamentarians uniting to expand the love culture through dialogue, education and cooperation. Religious leaders can make changes in their societies by developing an educational system that teaches love and forgiveness and by organizing conferences among diverse people. The leaders of the nation should build their culture through love, not through ideology, and raise the banner of freedom among people and act as peace-loving citizens.

Our vision for peace includes creating a cooperative world that helps the persecuted nations protect themselves from other nations that have weapons and power to attack other nations, taking their land and mistreating their people with no respect for humanity or international laws.

The United Nations through international organizations for peace can bring about positive change through religious leaders, politicians and through the media and legal system with the support of the UPF. The culture of peace is practiced by those who have good hearts, not those who have big jobs or have a lot of money.

Our role is very important in educating young leaders who become the hope for tomorrow and who will be good leaders from the very beginning.

The solutions for these problems is in creating a team in each nation consisting of parliamentarians and religious leaders uniting for the sake of peace and calling for love and dialogue among people and creating education systems that teach love and care. Parliamentarians should create laws that protect people and secure peace and civil service, that protect the environment and stop pollution through strict laws for factories and laboratories.

Therefore we fully support you in your efforts to solve all these problems.

Finally, I thank the founders of UPF, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon UPF and those who organized this conference and all participants.

Thank you.



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