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H. Murad: Address to Interreligious Leadership Conference 2017

Address to Interreligious Leadership Conference 2017
Seoul, Korea, November 10 to 14, 2017


My dear brother Dr. Thomas Walsh, the chairman of the Universal Peace Federation, and my dear sisters and my dear brothers, ladies and gentlemen: Peace be upon you all.

When we mention religions, the faithful religious leaders stand out in our minds: those whom God blessed to carry His messages to all mankind throughout its long history, the present we live in and the future to which we aspire, until the other life begins for humankind.

God the Almighty created us and created the heavens and the earth and blessed us with abundant grace so that we may live in happiness by following in faith, right morals, performing good deeds and by loving others. This is our Creator’s message for humanity: a true peace stems from true faith and harmony between people.

We believe that religious leaders are responsible to take on the role of achieving lasting world peace because they are the link connecting God’s heavenly messages with people after the prophets. They are the carrier of this Holy Secretariat and great message. They are the honest, sincere translators of what God wants for people: a happy life based on pure human spirit. Religious leaders must be models of humility and honesty, and perform good deeds.

They are not just leaders for people but are counseling them towards tolerance and the path of moderation against violent extremism and terrorism in all of its forms. They are the righteous believers, the religious leaders who can guide the human personality in its two dimensions, the physical and the spiritual. It has been God’s long cherished hope for His kingdom to be established: a world of fulfillment, security and peace.

Let me suggest here in this holy place:

First, we must unite our message as religious leaders, however varied our beliefs and religions, because we carry the same goals and objectives which is a humane society based on love and peace. Therefore this diversity of religions must not be the cause of conflicts and discord. God wants the religions and the religious leaders to live in harmony and with the understanding that all faiths should come together as one righteous, humanitarian family.

Second, we must understand the reality of the societies in which we live and recognize the problems that we suffer using real, accurate diagnosis so that we can develop a plan and cure for these problems.

Third, there is no value to religions or religious leaders if they do not have the greatest and most important role in reforming societies and building relationships in all societies. God looks on all humankind in mercy without discrimination or preference as to religion, race, language, color, history, geography, wealth or poverty. God Almighty is fair and just. As religious and political leaders, we are called to demonstrate and model this divine approach.

Fourth, it is important in this holy place to emphasize the absolute necessity of the true and common relationship between religious leaders and political leaders, because they together can serve humanity in their societies in every place and time.

A serious danger is the lack of cooperation, coordination and willing participation between religious leaders and political leaders in building and reforming the community. It is impossible for a community led by only one team to succeed, but real success is a community in which the hands, hearts, minds and souls of both teams together are united to create a world of love, security, stability and real lasting peace.

Finally, I pray to Almighty God to help us all in this conference to achieve these great noble goals, and to bless all humanity as this year 2017 ends and we enter the new year 2018, with real security and peace in the Middle East in particular and the world in general.

We extend our thanks and appreciation to the Universal Peace Federation and its founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, peace be upon him, and to the carrier of this great sacred message after him, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. God bless her and bless you and all humanity.

Peace be upon you all.


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