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Byung Su Kim: Address to World Summit 2014

Address to World Summit 2014, Seoul, Korea, August 9-13, 2014

I would like to speak about Rev. Moon’s vision for peace, especially the vision for an express highway network as a peaceful way of bringing the world together.

Leaders all over the world have dreamed about world peace. Rev. Moon is different in his vision of connecting the world through a highway network as the fastest way to bring world peace.

Rev. Moon made many efforts to support world peace. Through interreligious and international marriage blessings, he has connected people of different cultures and different nations into families. These marriage blessings between people of different cultures and religions were historical events. They are precious seeds that can take root and sprout into a peaceful world.

Religious leaders and international leaders should be interested in such network as links for promoting world peace. Such networks can stimulate communication, harmony and unity among peoples all over the world.

Rev. Moon spoke many times about promoting world peace through bringing together people of many countries. In 1981, in Seoul, Rev. Moon first mentioned his vision for building an international peace highway network throughout the world. The investment in such construction projects would provide much benefit for the people in those nations.

Proposals for a Bering Strait crossing are well known. Asia is the world’s fastest-developing continent. China is building high-speed networks. Such networks could also help unite Korea.

The vision for a peace highway network means not just tangible roads but also invisible bonds between people and between nations. Rev. Moon wanted to construct highways so people can easily connect to different worlds and understand and embrace cultures that are different from theirs.

This is a vision that younger generations can understand and support if they recognize that the purpose is to build a world of peace.

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