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J.R. Yoon: Address to World Summit 2013


PhotoI would like to briefly introduce the activities of UPF-Korea and how we are educating people and working towards peace. We are a nationwide organization and have educated public officials, leaders from different religions, members of the media, and leaders of military and cultural organizations. Ambassadors for Peace are very important in UPF's peace work. There are mayors and governors working as Ambassadors for Peace as well as educators and teachers.

Korea is still divided. We are a peace movement, and we are sending rice and flour to North Korea as humanitarian aid. Also we share about Korean culture with multinational families.

Through this conference I was able to listen to other people’s opinions and learn about the situation in other nations. After the Korean War, Korea has been able to achieve economic success in these last 60 years. Through this process we were able to get a lot of assistance from the international community. Now it is time for us to help the international community.

UPF-Korea has laid a foundation and has nurtured many trainers who go back to their countries and spread the message they learned in Korea.

I welcome you any time. Please invite your colleagues and friends to Korea. We would like to share our activities and experience and knowledge so we can we can join hands together in peacemaking in Korea and the world.