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K. Note: Educating Youth to Serve Their Country

Remarks given by H.E. Kessai Note, former President of the Marshall Islands, on the occasion of the UPF World Assembly Korea, December 2010.

On behalf of the people of the Marshall Islands, and the men and women of faith and conscience throughout the Pacific Rim, I would like to thank Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon and the Universal Peace Federation for their great contributions to peace around the world.

Rev. Moon came to the Marshall Islands ten years ago. Our time spent together – especially in deep-sea fishing – is one of my very fondest memories. We are very pleased that our small country could be included in UPF's World Peace Tour of 2005.

Regarding educating the young people who will be our leaders of tomorrow, in the Marshall Islands, one of the greatest challenges we face is how to persuade our best and brightest youth to serve their country rather than travel far away to seek their careers, rarely to return. We are grateful for the opportunity some of our young people had to attend the High School of the Pacific in Hawaii. These young men and women received an excellent education centered on ethics and family values.

Today we are gathered for this World Assembly to affirm the importance of an Abel-type United Nations, guided by universal spiritual values. Peace cannot be achieved by political, economic, and military means alone. After all, God is the true source and the origin of peace. True peace can only be achieved when we recognize and follow God’s providence. Ten years ago Rev. Moon spoke at the United Nations, calling for an interreligious council within the UN system. I think there is nothing more important than this work to bring peace to our world.

I hope that the Marshall Islands can become a model nation. We are a small nation. However, we are a people who trust in God. I believe the Marshall Islands can become an “Abel Nation” in God’s providence. I remain committed to this ideal and will work to advance the cause of peace in the Pacific Rim era. May God bless you all.