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S.M. Moon: Towards a World of True Peace, August 2009

Excerpts of address in Seville, Spain, during the Peace Cup competition
August 1, 2009


Let us all offer applause in gratitude to God, our Heavenly Father who governs all life and death, fortune, and misfortune of all creation for giving us these beautiful and dazzling seasons and days. During this season, vibrant with life, God is blessing us to blossom beautifully like flowers and to live lives that are as bright as the sun and as clear as the waters of a stream.

In 1960, young students on the Korean peninsula were crying out in resistance to the dictatorship [of Korean President Syngman Rhee]. On the sixteenth day of the third month of the lunar calendar in that year, my wife and I received Heaven’s seal and embarked on the arduous courses of the providence of restoration that the True Parents, True Teachers, and True King and Queen of humankind must take. How could I even begin to explain the path of the providence of restoration through indemnity that my wife and I have had to follow for the past fifty years in order to finally bring complete liberation and freedom to God and to attend Him as the king of kings?

Due to the Fall of humankind’s first ancestors, God’s true lineage was lost, and history came under the dominion of Satan’s false bloodline. This corrupted bloodline has been a fact of history. The physical world and even the spiritual world became completely mired in antagonistic, confrontational, good-versus-evil, Cain–Abel relationships. Nobody has been able to find a resolution to this tragedy, and history’s problems have gone unresolved to this day.

Times are now changing, however. We have entered the realm of grace in which humanity can be restored to the level of completion and perfection, where we can at last inherit and share the original nature of God’s heart. In other words, we can reach our originally intended human state, without any trace of the Fall. The good governance of God can completely embrace and digest the evil governance of Satan, without leaving a trace of it behind.

For tens of thousands of years, since the day those whom He created as His children, Adam and Eve, stained the heavenly lineage and concealed themselves in darkness, God has waited while enduring inexpressible pain and sorrow. He has waited impatiently for the day He could embrace His lost children and the creation again and live in joy for all eternity in the sacred reign of peace.

In this new era, the earth will return to its original state, with the realm of the Pacific Rim serving as a central axis. People will no longer be beyond the influence of the new way of Heaven and of the new heavenly law. Therefore, you must lead a transparent life with your every action being as clear as crystal.

We must educate all people on the value of absolute sexual ethics. This is the only way to pass on the true, good lineage to all humankind. That is the path to achieving God’s ideal of true families. From now on, sexual purity, purity of lineage, and purity of love will be the educational philosophy of the true human race.

As we eliminate Satan’s walls and fortifications that divide the earth into multiple layers, and reinstate harmony and peace between political parties, religions, races, cultures, and nations, all evil problems confronting the world such as war, disease, and hunger will be resolved. When individualistic and collective self-centeredness are eradicated, this will lead to the realization of a world governed by our conscience and natural reason.

The cross-cultural, international blessing marriage is the optimal method of establishing true families. In the end, reconciliation and peace will come about through lineage. When blacks and whites, Eastern peoples and Western peoples, Buddhists and Christians, and Jews and Muslims intermarry and carry on the blessed-marriage tradition that True Parents have established, this world will naturally form the realm of one family that seeks and establishes God’s homeland and hometown. An ideal, heavenly kingdom based on the ideal of one family under God will come about. As we melt our guns and cannons to make plowshares, a new world of peace will open up before us.

God created us as His counterparts in love, and He prepared the natural world as a gift for us, His children. God would not leave His children to live in a barren desert devoid of beautiful scenery. That is why all people have the duty to preserve and love the natural world as God does. You should develop your human nature as it was originally meant to be, such that you experience resonance even with a cluster of wildflowers as if you were sharing a heartfelt conversation with them.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you can heed the words of Heaven that I have shared with you today and use them as guidelines for your lives from now on. I pray that you may form wise and new families whose members clearly distinguish between Cain and Abel in their lives, who integrate them into a new realm of Abel, placing goodness at its center. I am asking you to form, and live as, new true families based on original human nature through which the new true grandparents, true parents, and true grandchildren can enter, hand in hand, into the new Kingdom of Heaven.

May God’s blessings fill the entire cosmos.

Thank you very much.