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UPF-USA Sponsors Iftar Dinners for Muslim Communities

Washington DC, USA—Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the Mother of Peace, the Co-founder of UPF, visited over 180 nations in 2006 to inaugurate the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), expressing her conviction and wishes that the faith communities must work together across barriers of religious tradition to experience that we are all “One Family Under God.”

UPF-USA initiated interfaith programs with leaders from other religious traditions and communities. The Interfaith Prayers for the Nation and the World, held every Thursday afternoon with the offering of prayer, healing messages, and guidance in bringing peace and safety to communities, is one of UPF-USA’s established and ongoing programs.

Ramadan observance is the most important time of the year for Muslims, bringing enormous spiritual and social rewards and the opportunity to draw closer to Allah. It is a time to seek forgiveness, reflect on one’s blessings, and give to those in need. It is a joy to share in the experience of Muslim believers as they demonstrate and deepen their faith through their commitment to fasting and serving one another—especially in their concern for those in need—during Ramadan.

UPF-USA began hosting Iftar dinners during the month of Ramadan five years ago. This year, at The Washington Times building, UPF-USA hosted two nights of the daily fast-breaking Iftar dinners, on April 4 and April 12, for different Muslim community leaders and friends.

Tuesday night, April 4:

UPF-USA sponsored the Iftar dinner for Imam Talib Shareef, Nation’s Mosque, his congregation, and his honored guests. Imam Shareef was appointed an Ambassador for Peace and recipient of the National Parents Day Award in 2021.

Several notable guests were:

  • Hannah Y. Kim, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Care in the Office of Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs and serving the Biden-Harris Administration at the US Department of Health and Human Services

  • Thomas Bowen, Director of DC Mayor’s Office of Religious Affairs

  • Safi Kaskas, President, the International Quran Research Association

  • Anila Ali, President and Chief Executive Officer, CALPAK, and co-founder of the American Muslim & Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council.

Wednesday night, April 12:

This Iftar dinner was organized by Mrs. Aisha Khan and her close associates to enjoy the meal together after sunset. Mrs. Kahn has shown previous direct support for UPF programs. Her entire family even participated in the bike rides in the “Peace Road” programs in Baltimore, Maryland.

Mrs. Kahn made an extraordinary offering for this dinner by cooking all the special Iftar dishes for the 60 guests by herself—a long day of perfect and excellent food preparation—while she was fasting.

UPF-USA Chairman Dr. Michael Jenkins and his wife, Minister Reiko Jenkins, attended both of these UPF-USA-sponsored Iftar dinners, at which three additional distinguished Islamic community leaders received appointments as Ambassadors for Peace.

The Iftar dinners indeed have provided the feeling of gratitude and closeness to each other and of feelings that we are one human race, one family under Allah, God of our Parents.

Special thanks to Larry Moffitt, secretary general of the UPF-USA; Yuriko Kitagawa, interfaith outreach director of the UPF-USA; Mayumi Kernan; and Machiko Moran.

By Tomiko Duggan, Senior Vice President, UPF-USA

Monday, May 1, 2023


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