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UPF-Congo Hosts "Peace Road" Event

Congo-Brazzaville—The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Congo Brazzaville which since 2015 has given itself the mission of organizing this great event in order to respond to the call of Our Beloved True Mother and shared the vision of the initiative of the Road to Peace, which goes beyond the materialist desire for the economic and political benefits of an international road and which defends the spiritual dimension, aiming to tear down the walls that have historically divided us—racism and cultural differences, prejudice and fear—and bring humanity together as one family under God. held this year 2023 the 8th edition of the Peace Road. Congo Brazzaville is among, if not the only, African nation to organize this event.

This edition is very special for two reasons:

  • The first reason is that it takes place for the first time in the northern part of the country, precisely in the town of Owando in the department of Cuvette.

  • The second reason is that this edition was preceded by a special program called the Departmental Leadership Conference.

It is upon the foundation of a period of devotion of 40 days that some members of the organizing committee made, namely:

  • The interdepartmental chairman of UPF Pointe-Noire/Kouilou, Michel Bounda, vice president of the Organizing Commission for the 8th edition of Peace Road Owando 2023;

  • The interdepartmental secretary general of UPF Pointe-Noire/Kouilou, Augustin Zodji, SG of the Organizing Commission;

  • The technical director of UPF, Mr. Yannick Kasongo, president of the Technical Commission;

  • The secretary general of FFWPU, Mr. Achille Mouanda, vice-president of the Technical Commission.

They will leave Pointe-Noire on Tuesday, August 22 under the prayer of blessing of the FFWPU national leader, Rev. Norbert Ndielle Moutsatsi.

In fact, the members of the organizing committee had decided to travel from Pointe-Noire to Owando, covering more than 1019 km on the way there and back. This team will therefore arrive very late at night in Brazzaville, received by the president of the AIPP, Roger Okoula (1st Quaestor of the Senate), and the national secretary general of UPF, Clément Tsana, at the Boulevard Hotel where the last evaluation meeting was held.

The following day, Wednesday, August 23, 2023, the team will leave Brazzaville to arrive in Owando around 6:30 p.m. and will be received by the prefect of Cuvette, Jean Christophe Tchikaya, Ambassador for Peace. A dinner for us was hosted at his home just after the special meeting.

The delegation from Pointe-Noire and that from Brazzaville will arrive on Thursday evening in Owando. A banquet was organized by the prefect to mark the opening of the program.

As part of building a world of peace where all can live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and prosperity, the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Congo Brazzaville, an NGO with general consultative status with ECOSOC of the United Nations, organized a Departmental Leadership Conference on Friday, August 25, 2023, the day marking the anniversary of the 30,000 and 360,000 couples blessing. The theme of the Departmental Leadership Conference was: “Connecting the Congo to the World through the Development of Decentralized Local Communities in Unity and Peace.”

After the opening prayer by, Pastor Maixent Milolo, FFWPU Pointe-Noire pastor, the president of AIPP, Roger Edouard Okoula, in his remarks for the occasion, addressed the sons and daughters of the Cuvette Department, calling on them to “unite.”

Invited in turn to speak, the prefect of Cuvette Department, Mr. Jean Christophe Tchikaya, wanted to thank the Universal Peace Federation for the choice made to come to his department.

Augustin Zodji spoke on the main theme of the conference: “Congo has a turning point: Unity, peace and development.” The National Leader, Rev. Norbert Ndielle Moutsatsi, in turn outlined the associations of UPF, and finally the National SG of UPF, Clément Tsana, taught the five universal principles.

This first edition of the Departmental Leadership Conference was marked by the appointment of three new Ambassadors for Peace who took turns taking the oath under the watchful eye of the interdepartmental Chairman, His Excellency Michel Bounda, who will take note of their oaths.

This conference was attended by 150 people.

A special dinner was organized to mark this conference. The Prefect of the Sangha Department joined this program.

The day after the conference (Saturday August 26, 2023), was the 8th edition of the Route de Owando Peace 2023 organized by the Universal Peace Federation Congo Brazzaville.

It began with a few physical exercises, the prayer of the National Leader, remarks from Chairman Michel Bounda, the laying of a wreath in front of the stele of the former President of the Republic of Congo, Marien Ngouabi, and the release of the pigeons.

It was to the rhythm of fanfares that the civil and military authorities and all the participants traveled 10 km from the Ombelé village to the prefecture of the Cuvette Department. In addition to the speeches delivered, one of the highlights at the arrival was the presentation of the special trophy for the President of the Republic, His Excellency Denis Sassou Nguesso, who will joyfully receive this trophy from the hands of the Prefect of the Cuvette on Tuesday August 29, the day of the celebration of the victory of the Peace Road.

Present at the 8th edition, the Prefect of the Sangha Department inherited from the hands of his counterpart the standard of the Peace Road 2024 edition which will be held in his Sangha Department.

The entire delegation therefore left Owando the same Saturday to arrive very late at night in Brazzaville.

The return to Pointe-Noire was an indescribable challenge because our vehicles experienced breakdowns.

I would like to express my respect to Our Beloved True Mother for her love, blessings and especially her hard work towards establishing a unified celestial world. I send my most sincere wishes to the entire Peace Road Congo Brazzaville team as well as our partners because the total budget was $7,100 which allowed us to carry out this activity. I sincerely pray that Peace Road will serve as an important conduit to accelerate the realization of the Heavenly Congo.

By Achille Kevany Mouanda, National Secretary General, FFWPU
Saturday, August 26, 2023


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