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Peace Summit 2023: Session II-A: Focus on North America

Dr. Michael Jenkins, moderator, Chair, UPF North America, President, UPF International

At this crucial time, we are gathering together to call for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. We are finding through deliberations at the conference that we must be strong to face the challenges of the nations in Northeast Asia. However, political, military or economic strength alone is not enough. To bring peace there must be faith in God. When nations attend God, there is a foundation for reconciliation and love. Our panelists today, who are from the United States and Canada, have been leading the way for understanding the role of religious freedom as the core value and foundation for all freedoms. On that basis, the work of the Associations of UPF are able to engage in dialogue in every area: political, religious, media, business, academia and the arts. All can play a role for peace.

Dr. Franco Famularo, President, UPF Canada

Dr. Famularo introduced the universal principles of UPF through a PowerPoint presentation, using both the French and English languages as is customary to Canada. He asked: How is it possible that UPF gathers so many people from so many backgrounds? It is because UPF is rooted in universal principles that can be applied everywhere, allowing diverse people to establish common grounds, such as the family being the school of love and the basis of empathy. Through the altruism of living for the sake of others, we bridge cultures. The practice of loving your enemies is a commonly adapted principle. UPF emphasizes collaboration. (Please see Dr. Famularo’s PowerPoint for a presentation that could be taught in the field.)

Amb. Callistra Gingrich, U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See (2017-2021), USA

History shows that governments and societies that protect religious freedom are more prosperous and secure. The US stands as the leading champion of religious freedom, committed to defending this human right. Eighty percent of humankind has restricted religious freedom. For example, Kim Jong Un’s regime controls through fear and retribution and gives the false narrative that religious people are murderous. Religion is tightly controlled, and religious people are sent to labor camps.

Other examples given of limited religious freedom: Communist China (persecution of the Uyghurs; vital organs stolen from those persecuted and sold); Turkey (Muslim children are separated from their parents and endure human-rights abuses); and Japan (persecution of Unification Church members). Let this gathering revitalize and protect religious freedom around the world.

Hon. Dan Burton, Member, U.S. House of Representatives (1983-2013), USA

In these peace sessions we become friends as we honor God our Creator and in working together for the unification of Korea. We recognize the Peace Sanctuary and Mother Moon’s 80th birthday. She looks younger than that! We congratulate Mother Moon as she is trying to bring peace to the world. Compare the little hut on the hill, the beginning church of the Moons, to what we have now, this great organization. Happy birthday to you and to your husband, who have the same birthday!

Rev. Moon stood strong for freedom and family, and stood strong against communism. Now we have UPF and the rapidly expanding IAPP all over the world—thanks to you, Mother Moon.

We have to stand for religious leadership. IAPP has 7,000 parliamentarians worldwide, and growing rapidly. We are determined to pressure Japan to stop infringing on religious freedom.

Mother Moon, these conferences bring great leaders of the world all together—all these VP’s and presidents who have addressed this organization. Charlie Rangel, my good friend, is a Democrat; Mother Moon respects Democrats and Republicans. Mother Moon and her husband left communism in North Korea with nothing; what a great thing they have accomplished, where millions of people around the world respond.

Vice President Mike Pence has on his desk the following: a Bible, the Constitution, and Mother Moon’s autobiography.

Dr. Rev. Cynthia Jackson, District Judge, Jersey City Municipal Court; Pastor, Allen AME Church, New Jersey, USA

When we see the contemporary challenges to global order, what would peace look like? When we speak of world peace, the challenges are massive ones. But if we look at what we could do by taking out the political aspect, we could put more emphasis on our commonality. We could come together on so many things.

Our respective religions are God’s religion. We come together based on relationships instead of religion. We often want to not associate with people who are different than us.

The Universal Peace Federation does a great job of bringing those who are different together! Remember, we have more in common than what is different. We each have family, friends and loved ones, so if each of us started implementing even the smallest steps, it would go a long way to achieving peace in our lifetime.

Mr. Guy Taylor, National Security Team Leader, The Washington Times

I want to give my perspective as The Washington Times national security leader, and North-South Korea security. President Yoon arrived recently in the US. Often the US is portrayed as divisive, but President Yoon’s visit showed unity, and singing together! President Yoon is a conservative but worked well with a liberal government. This is the same as Pres. Trump getting along with his predecessors.

It must have been difficult for Iran, North Korea and Russia to watch the unity shown from the White House last week of Pres. Yoon and the Biden administration! There was a historical new agreement made about denuclearization. The Yoon visit was extremely important and shows diplomacy!

By Cindy Pfeiffer, Regional Coordinator for North America, IAFLP

Wednesday, May 3, 2023


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