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“Peace Road” 2021: USA Peace and Unity Bike Tour

USA-2021-09-18-“Peace Road” 2021:  Baltimore Peace and Unity Bike Ride

Baltimore, MD, USA—“Peace Road” is a global goodwill project of the Universal Peace Federation.

This project aims to tear down the walls that have historically divided us—racism and cultural differences, prejudice and fear—and bring humankind together as one family under God.

“Peace Road” was originally inspired by the International Highway Project (IHP), a visionary call for a superhighway free of tariffs and passports, linking the entire globe. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Co-Founder of the Universal Peace Federation, first proposed the idea in 1981.

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, known as Mother Moon, moved the project forward in 2015 by suggesting we take small steps throughout the world; thus “Peace Road” was born. In that year, traveling the “Peace Road,” cyclists toured their cities, states and regions to publicize the International Peace Highway in over 30 nations, from South Africa to Chile, Germany to Korea, and in 25 cities across America.

On a beautiful September 18, 2021 from 11 am till 4 pm, “Peace Road” 2021: Baltimore Peace and Unity Bike Ride was held through central Baltimore City.

September 18th is an especially memorable and historical day for the members of the Unification Church. On that date in 1976, Rev. Sun Myung Moon addressed over 300,000 people on “God’s Hope for America” at a celebration of America’s Bicentennial at the Washington Monument.

The event began with a prayer at 11:00 am at the Baltimore Holy Ground at Druid Hill Park which was established by Rev. Moon in 1965.

40 bicycle riders started the first four-mile segment of the route starting from Druid Hill at 12:30 pm and arrived safely at the Baltimore City Hall.

Councilwoman Phylicia R.I. Porter welcomed the group together with Rev. John Watts, Senior Pastor at Kingdom Life Church, one of the sponsoring organizations.

Mrs. Aisha Khan, Maryland Governor’s Commissioner on Asian Affairs, and her husband who is Executive Director of the Greater Baltimore Muslim Council, gave remarks and encouraged the audience about the work that must be done to create safe and peaceful streets in Baltimore. Mr. and Mrs. Khan’s children and the children’s school friends participated in the bicycle ride.

The five-mile uphill ride from the City Hall to the Kingdom Life Church, the final destination, was much more challenging than the downhill ride from Druid Hill Park to City Hall as the sun became brighter and the road temperature higher.

All riders arrived at the Rev. John Watts’ Kingdom Life Church located in Southside of Baltimore City exhausted but with genuine smiles of accomplishment and a shared sense of togetherness and friendship.

The Safe Streets greeted their effort with hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks and cakes.

Reflections by participants:

-- District Elder John D. Watts, Kingdom Life Church Apostolic

Grace and peace be unto you from God our father and the Lord Jesus. It is a great honor and privilege to take this wonderful opportunity to speak with you regarding “Peace Road” 2021 Baltimore. I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve his people through “Peace Road.”

Thank you, Mother Moon, for being an amazing force in the earthly realm to bring peace and healing to our city. It is because of the work of God being expressed through your life that many people are being changed and transformed.

“Peace Road” 2021 Baltimore opened many possibilities for my community. The people were so appreciative of the “Peace Road” coming to their community.

It is our mission to partner with the greater community to support and enhance the level of interdependence necessary to create long-term sustainability in a community that has a history of being socially and economically strained. Brooklyn/Curtis Bay/Hawkins Point communities are 70% single-parent households in a population of 14,626 with a median wage of $35,862 and an unemployment rate of 21.5%. Family poverty within this community is much higher than the city of Baltimore, having nearly 40% of its families living in poverty. The Hardship Index which ranks the communities’ socioeconomic indicators—housing, poverty, unemployment, education, income and dependency—ranks this community a 76 out of 100. (The Index ranges from 100 = most hardship to 1= least hardship.)

Because of “Peace Road” 2021 Baltimore some of the young men whom society looks down on came by to help set up tents, take down tents and clean up. What a mighty God we serve!

“Peace Road” 2021 Baltimore made it possible for the people in my community to feel appreciated.

In His Majesty’s Service,

District Elder John D. Watts
Kingdom Life Church Apostolic
504 Annabel Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21225

–Nicholas Kernan, bike rider

The “Peace Riders” gathered for prayer in Druid Hill Park on Saturday morning and then began a ride across Baltimore, passing by the Maryland Institute College of Art, the University of Baltimore, the Peabody Institute–Johns Hopkins University and up to City Hall square. After hearing words of encouragement from pastors and community leaders in front of City Hall, the riders headed across downtown Baltimore, passing near the Inner Harbor and over the Patapsco River to the final destination for praise and homemade barbeque at the Kingdom Life Church in Brookland, Maryland, a ride of over eight miles. It was an incredible ride promoting world peace and a whale of a good time!

–Rev. Randall Francis, ACLC USA Coordinator

The Baltimore peace and unity bike ride was a monumental step forward in bringing peace and unity to the diverse communities of Baltimore. The beauty of Druid Hill Lake Park and the holy ground that the UPF founders Reverend and Dr. Moon established in 1965 was spectacular. Then, as we traveled south to City Hall, people throughout the streets were waving and cheering us on. The determination of both Ms. Aisha Khan and Councilwoman Porter brought sheer joy to all the riders in attendance. It also gave us power to continue the rest of the 5-mile ride through south Baltimore to Brooklyn where we were received by cheering community members around District Elder John and Minister Angelika Watts’ Kingdom Life Church.

The community peace fair with Safe Streets Brooklyn was a fitting end to our 10-mile ride. It truly was a glorious day.

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