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Spreading the Message of Peace on TV in Costa Rica

In San Jose, Costa Rica, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon arrived at Hotel Harradura after 10:00 pm on April 15, 2008, and listened to reports by UPF Chair Joon Su Kim about peace education being carried out through the Tele-paz channel, which broadcasts from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm daily, including programs featuring Ambassadors for Peace. Ten to twenty calls come in each day from around the country from people who want more information.

“I want to listen and learn more about your experience with this,” Hyun Jin Moon said. “This message of building ‘One Family under God’ can revolutionize this continent.”

The International Leadership Conference the following day drew 250 participants from all over the Central American country of 4 million people. “Looking at this nation’s mountains and fields, I had a warm feeling, just like returning home,” Hyun Jin Moon said. “When we describe the people we most respect we say that they are like our parents. We describe our closest friends as brothers or sisters, and when we talk about our most precious followers, we say that they are like my most beloved children. Historically for the most intimate relationships we have used the expression of family. That is because we are 'One Family under God,' and thus we are all God’s sons and daughters who will live together in God’s eternal kingdom transcending cultural walls and differences in race.”

He described how Jesus dedicated himself to carrying out original dream of God and how Rev. Moon connected to that ideal, and took up that call as a youth to convey that dream worldwide. “Today there are thousands of Ambassadors for Peace who are conveying this message,” he continued. “We have to solve problems of conflicts and disruption among religions in our own family, society, nation, and the world. Leaders of Costa Rica, if you lead a world-wide movement for realizing the dream of one family under God by uniting all religions and faiths as one, how great the nation of Costa Rica would be!”

In the audience was a congressman from neighboring Nicaragua who expressed interest in inviting Hyun Jin Moon to address the Congress of Nicaragua.

Luncheon guests included former Costa Rica president, Rodrigo Carazo, and his wife. President Carazo said, “Today is a deeply meaningful day because it is our 61st wedding anniversary.” Hyun Jin Moon congratulated the couple and referred to his father, who at age 88 is still as active as he was in his youth. Other guests included José Manuel Echandi, the nephew of former president Manuel Echandi, and a television broadcaster.

In the afternoon Hyun Jin Moon met with Vice President Laura Chinchilla Miranda, who was especially responsive to discussions about character education for youth, the necessity for an interreligious movement, and initiatives to promote the unification of North and South America. A meeting that was originally planned to last only 20 minutes became a warm one that lasted close to an hour. There was also a short meeting with the Speaker of the House, who listened with interest to the issues raised.

Hyun Jin Moon ended his visit by speaking with young volunteers and encouraging them to work hard to make the dream of one family under God a reality in beautiful Costa Rica.

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