Peace Education

Activities in Eurasia

 On February 9-12, 2008 UPF held a World Peace Summit in Seoul, Korea. The Eurasian delegation was represented by 25 participants from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Peoples Republic of China, Russia and Ukraine.

Mrs. Elmira Suleymanova, the Minister of Human Rights of Azerbaijan, made a presentation proposing that the UPF create a Peace Initiative between Armenia and Azerbaijan, promising government backing and sponsorship over this project. Former President Stanislav Shushkevich of Belarus also spoke at the opening of the program.


DSCN7249In February, active preparations for the Mongolian Dream Year campaign were taking place in Mongolia. Preparations included an opening ceremony in Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar, on February 18. About 50 participants attended the event, including the Chairman of District Citizens’ Representative, the Sub-District Governor, Social Workers and Heads of various Elders’ Associations. Then on February 20, UPF Mongolia staff met with representatives of 5 social organizations which work on family issues. On February 22 a “Mongolian Dream and Business” Forum took place in the Government Palace, Ulaanbaatar. About 100 businessmen attended.

From February 23 UPF launched a regular weekly 30 minutes TV program on UBS TV about the Mongolian Dream Campaign. Also on that day, the Secretary General of UPF Mongolia was interviewed on Eagle TV for 30 minutes about the campaign and its value.

On February 12-15 UPF conducted a leadership education program in Ulaanbaatar for 21 participants. Everyday they had lessons from 4:00 pm till 8:00 pm.

On February 27 UPF held a meeting with 25 heads of the Language Departments of universities. There was a discussion about translating and developing UPF Character Education Series “Discovering Real Me”.


UPF Russia Seminar “Peace Philosophy and Peacemaking Practice” 25 February, 2008, Moscow

UPF Russia and the Russian National Peace Council conducted a seminar for 20 Ambassadors for Peace on February 25. The topic was “Peace Philosophy and Peacemaking Practice.” The seminar addressed the key principles of the UPF and the vision of the Global Peace Festival. One of presenters was Pastor Anatoly Blinkov. In organizing this program the target is to set up a standard curriculum for Ambassadors for Peace and Global Peace Festival partners. There is a plan to conduct similar programs on a monthly basis.


On February 22 UPF Moldova held a roundtable to launch the book “Family and Culture of Peace in Moldova” with the authors who contributed their essays to the book, Ambassadors for Peace and other guests. All participants confirmed their commitment to participate in the work of the projects started within the conference sections.


On Wednesdays UPF Georgia conducts meetings for Ambassadors for Peace. During the February 15 meeting with Ambassadors for Peace it was decided to have an art-literature national competition among schools dedicated to peacebuilding in the autumn 2008. Ambassadors for Peace took the initiative and will organize and conduct this event.

On February 28 UPF Georgia staff met a school director from Kutaisi who wants to use the program on Tolerance Education in his school and promote it in the Ministry of Education as well.

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