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Peace Education

Studying the Philosophy of Peace in Toronto

Toronto, Canada - The Central District of UPF-Canada held a meeting in Toronto to study the ‘Philosophy of Peace’ as envisioned by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and to review our performance and find the answers to questions, if any, from the National Conference in Ottawa on Oct. 5, 2013.

Rev. Mitch Dixon spoke about the Philosophy of Peace. He said that looking at ourselves today, we can see that our body and mind are neither perfectly at peace nor perfectly united. In order to be at peace, one must find God. God's supreme creation is none other than humankind. For that reason, there is a purpose for our life. The purpose of life is to mature and realize that relationship of eternal true love with God. This is the fundamental principle by which peace is actualized between God and humankind. Once such a relationship is established between God and humankind, people can then realize peace among themselves.

When an individual is completely united in mind and body, that influences the perfection of all other things. To realize a world of peace, the world has to become one in which people live with the thought of sacrificing themselves for the sake of others. Otherwise, the world of peace will never come. This is why we sacrifice ourselves for others. Therefore, to share love through sacrifice is the best way.

All 7 billion people living upon this earth today are aiming for a unified ideal world. There is no person who does not have the same aspiration. Since God is an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and absolute being, we shall all follow his commands. Nothing is impossible; it is our intention which would make us obey. The hope of being an ideal family under God could be realized by creating unity and peace with God. Such is the philosophy of peace we should seek to realize and establish.

Rev. Dixon shared the photographs of the National Conference [see report and photos] and invited Ambassadors for Peace to comment, share and ask any questions about the event.

Dr. Moon Shik Kim, Chair of UPF-Canada, said that the UPF strongly supports marriage as between male and female. Dr. Hoossen Auckberaullee mentioned the importance of family values. There will like be 240,000 immigrants to Canada next year; we should welcome them with the message of true family values through brochures and welcoming messages. Dr. Faisal Al Rfouh advised UPF to do more for youth by emphasizing the value of marriage and importance of refraining from sex outside the marriage.

Mr. Edmond Young voiced his concern about the absence of media representatives during such national conferences as was in Ottawa because the concern and the purpose of such meetings should reach most Canadians beside those attending it. About the proposal for a mini conference on January 11, 2014, he recommended to increase the participation of the people from all walks of life so that the message reaches a wider spectrum of people.

Mrs. Lilly Tadin, Chairperson of the Women's Federation for World Peace-Canada, shared her appreciation of all speakers who spoke during the National Conference in Ottawa. For example, Senator Don Meredith with his perfect eloquence and leadership credentials attracted the attention of many, and Author Errol Gibbs made an impact with the spiritual perspectives expressed in his speech.

Mr. A.R. Qureshi mentioned about the importance of labeling the food products from a religious point of view for the benefit of the diverse buyers and consumers in the supermarkets and restaurants.

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