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Distributing 'As a Peace-loving Global Citizen' in Moldova

Chisinau, Moldova - UPF Moldova held a conference with Ambassadors for Peace celebrating the publication of the autobiography of UPF Founder Dr. Sun Myung Moon, As Peace Loving Global Citizen, in the Romanian language. The theme of the October 22 program was “Celebrating the life and accomplishments of Dr. Sun Myung Moon.”

The long-awaited publication of the book, posted in Romanian online at, was warmly welcomed by the Ambassadors for Peace and UPF volunteer community in Moldova. Tracking the visitors to the web version indicates that the potential readers of the book are not only in Moldova and Romania but throughout the world. From Tokyo to New York, there are Romanian speakers who would gladly hold in their hands the printed version and share with their family and friends this volume about Dr. Moon's life in his own words.

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As Mr. Ronald Koonce, a special consultant from the USA for UPF-Moldova, shared in his remarks, Dr. Moon's autobiography is one of the most accessible and simple-to-understand publications for a person who is new to his work and teachings, compared to the hundreds of books published during his long and productive life.

Mr. Jacques Marion, Secretary General of UPF-Eurasia, presented to the Ambassadors for Peace a comprehensive and deep lecture about “The Legacy of Dr. Sun Myung Moon,” introducing the core understandings that guided him throughout the exceedingly difficult and challenging experiences during his lifetime devoted to the cause of building peace among people of different religions and nationalities. The simple but hidden truths about God, his ideal of creation, the spiritual world, the nature of evil, and the essence of providential history offer revolutionary insights into contemporary society and inspire people to continue the projects started by him. He described Dr. Moon's vision of people living in peace and happiness as one family under God and the importance of connecting with divine love, life, and lineage. He concluded with an invitation for people to prepare for and participate with their spouse in the special World Peace Marriage Blessing ceremony to be held February 22 next year, which he described as opening a realm of peace and prosperity for the whole of humankind to be united as one family under God.

Dr. Marin Mazur and Dr. Vlad Ciubucciu shared with the audience their personal life-changing experiences from encountering personally Dr. Moon and his teachings. The publisher, Mr. Manascurta, mentioned the value and importance of this book for readers in the Republic of Moldova, a nation that has faced similar trials as Korea did, being invaded by stronger neighbors throughout its tragic history. He noted important lessons to be learned by today’s youth that will help them build a sustainable, peaceful world guided by their conscience.

At the conclusion of the meeting, guests expressed a desire to organize book discussions in their own circle of friends and colleagues in order to plant this vision on the local level and in larger institutions as their tribute to the legacy of peace of Dr. Moon.

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