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UPF-Canada Exposes Pornography’s Impact on Young People, Couples and Society

Canada-2022-01-20-An Insidious Virus: Pornography’s Impact on Young People, Couples and Society


Canada—In Montreal, Canada, on January 20, 2022, more than fifty people took part in a Zoom webinar organized by UPF on the subject: An Insidious Virus: Pornography’s Impact on Young People, Couples and Society.

The three expert panellists made the participants aware of the alarming impact that pornography has on:

CHILDREN: Marilyn Evans, founder of Parents Aware, addressed the very real challenges our children and teens face due to the ease of access to hardcore pornography, and how that shapes the experiences they have in the real world. She reported, “Pornography has become so normalized via the Internet that exploitation defines the culture in which they grow up. … Being curious about sex is normal and natural. Having one’s sexual development hijacked by internet pornography is not!”

COUPLES: Marie-Paul Ross, M.A., Ph.D., doctor in clinical sexology, stated, “Pornography, in addition to being a dehumanization and a wandering of human sexuality, has killed the greatness of the loving exchange. Instead of being treated as organs that can manifest love, the intimate parts of the human body are used as objects of consumption, which even stifles eroticism.”

SOCIETY: Johanne Jutras, D.E.S.S. Feminist Studies and Sexual Health student, drawing on statistics since 1998, argued that as computer technology develops and with it the production and consumption of pornography, that sexual crimes committed by adolescents and adults are also increasing and in a very alarming way.

Then Rafaela Diaz-Byers, initiator of Arrêter ExploitationHub; Jocelyn Monsma, certified sex addiction therapist, co-president of Connecting to Protect; and Pierre Beauregard, mentor in sexual integrity and member of High Noon, proposed avenues of engagement to slow down the viral scourge that is pornography.

To view the full webinar, click here.

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