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UPF-Russia Supports Coaching Roundtable

Russia-2020-03-04-UPF-Russia Supports Coaching Roundtable

Moscow, Russia—A roundtable discussion on coaching, training and mentoring was held at the Moscow House of Nationalities.

The event, titled “Coaching, Training and Mentoring for a Better Future of the People and World Peace,” was organized on March 4, 2020, by the Dignified Memory Foundation with the support of the Universal Peace Federation.

UPF representative Dmitry Samko took an active part in discussing the problems of young people’s education, which included encouraging the new generation to preserve universal values. In addition to patriotism, he said, we need a moral foundation. Love for the motherland should be expressed not only on anniversary dates, he said. It should be supported by real deeds and projects in which young people take part.

Peter Jansen, a coach in Leadership and Emotional Intellect and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, acted as a guest expert.

Our youth is our future, he said. We must create for the younger generation free, responsible mentoring and training programs that are interesting and understandable. Using these programs, we can transfer experience, knowledge, wisdom and universal values to the new generation. Mentoring and training are very important for preserving the national heritage.

During the discussion, various proposals for young people’s training programs were offered. These would contribute to quality education, leadership development and formation of a vision.

Today in the information space and in the market of coaching and training services there are a lot of unscrupulous developers whose theories and practices do not have scientific justification or confirmation, whose services do not meet moral values, and the end result can only harm the consumer.

Among the proposals put forward for discussion by the roundtable participants, the idea of Peter Jansen was approved. He proposed creation of a certification body that would evaluate the activities of coaches, trainers, and mentors who want to be accredited. The system of training, coaching, mentoring can be introduced into the system of training young people, and so the quality of training and coaching will increase.

Among the participants of the roundtable were:

  1. Angela Skripkarash, director general of the Dignified Memory Foundation
  2. Kinfu Zenebé Tafesse, director general of International Ethnos Diplomacy; president of the African Diasporas Union in Russia; professor at the Department of Mass Communications, People’s Friendship University of Russia; UN expert in the field of cultural diplomacy; and a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
  3. Roman Stewart, founder of Kaprika Media
  4. Evgenia P. Ermolaeva, member of the "7 No Fear" team, coach, founder and head of a law company, member of the Business Russia organization
  5. Ksenia M. Gornostaeva, general director and founder, Roi Experts Marketing Agency
  6. Mark L. Nedzelsky, head of international relations at the "Youth" House of Culture
  7. Vladimir Luzhbin, head of the Aerospace Forces Central Officers’ Club
  8. Ilya L. Fomin, chair of the Board of the Great Russia Foundation; member of the Board of Trustees of the Dignified Memory Foundation.
  9. Alexey I. Tsarev, a member of the working group at the Russian Federation Public Chamber for preservation and maintenance of monuments to Soviet soldiers, head of the “Guard of Honor” project

10. Prince Milana, president of the International Foundation for Promotion of Cultural and Historical Tourism, reconstruction of historical and cultural monuments "Great Russia," as well as retrieval of the historical heritage to Russia.

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