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Congo-Brazzaville Celebrate International Women’s Rights Day

Congo-2022-03-19-Congo-Brazzaville Celebrate International Women’s Rights Day

Congo—On International Women’s Rights Day, Saturday, March 19, 2022, the International Association of Youth and Students for Peace (IAYSP) in collaboration with the Universal Peace Federation and the Women’s Federation for World Peace held in Pointe-Noire, Congo Brazzaville, a conference debate under the theme: “Equality today for a sustainable future.” This debate was led by the secretary general of IAYSP, Mr. Yannick Kasongo, with the help of the president of the Women’s Federation.

In addition to the presentations on different aspects of the theme, there were three panelists who discussed “The Role of Women in the Creation of a Culture of Sustainable Peace.” This conference was mainly addressed to women, but the theme concerns everyone. There were 35 participants and more than 100 people followed virtually via Zoom, Facebook and YouTube.

The program started with an opening prayer. Then Mr. Kasongo welcomed everyone and presented an overview of IAYSP and the focus of the conference debate, which was to encourage women to understand the role they should play in the family for the proper functioning of the family education system.

Introduced by the emcee, Jarèle Mpio, the panelists in the spotlight began their presentations. The first panelist, the head of the Logistics and Events Department of the HMO Association, Ms. Nature Tchicaya, gave a presentation on the theme, “Women entrepreneurs for a stable family life.” The second panelist, the host and columnist of MCR-TV, one of the three major national television channels, Ms. Lumière Ngoma, spoke on the theme, “The woman is the real person responsible for the education of children in a family.” The third and last panelist, the president of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, Ms. Lydia Zodji, expounded on the same theme as the second panelist. Ms. Zodhi concluded the session by giving the clear vision of the Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who recommends women to be the main actors in the education of children in a family in order to have a well-educated society. This was followed by a question-and-answer session.

The second part of the program was devoted to the presentation of medals and certificates to two young ladies, winners of the Youth Heroes prize, for the efforts they make for youth by contributing to the positive development of youth:

Mrs. Lumière Ngoma, who has a degree in marketing communication and public relations and is a columnist and host at MCR-TV, was elected winner number 1.

Ms. Kouembele Paola Louisan, an entrepreneur who trains and supports several young people, encouraging them to take charge of themselves, was elected winner number 2.

The ceremony ended with a closing prayer, family photos and refreshments.

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