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Empowerment of Women

Women Promote Good Governance in Nepal

Nepal-2010-06-23-Women Promote Good Governance in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal - Imagine that … “rather than having a federation of women dedicated to world peace (i.e., the Women’s Federation for World Peace, or WFWP), what is really needed,” proposed by Dr. Mohini Giri, the Chairwoman of India’s Guild of Service and founding president for WFWP-India, “is a Men’s Federation for World Peace.”

This bold initiative was received with great applause and much laughter in the international audience which included women from all sectors of the Nepalese society. Co-sponsored by the WFWP and the Universal Peace Federation of Nepal, the event took place in Kathmandu on June 23.

Welcome remarks were given by Hon. Rama Guragain, member of Nepal’s Constituent Assembly. She welcomed Dr. Giri to Nepal and expressed sincere appreciation for the worldwide foundation of WFWP and UPF. Both these NGOs, it was noted, are affiliated with the United Nations and are educating people and improving the lives of people around the world.

In her simple and forthright manner, Dr. Giri’s keynote address challenge everyone by emphasizing the importance of the family. “If we don’t have peace in our families,” she asked, “then where on earth would you hope to find peace?”

Although Dr. Giri is an avid crusader for women’s rights, especially for war widows, she keeps things in perspective. To the audience of over 70 people emphasized that “a woman’s first role is as a mother to her children.”

In Nepal women are already sitting at the negotiating table in on-going peace process. Dr. Giri was delighted to know this and commended her sisters for this accomplishment. In particular, she praised the Nepalese lawmakers who were present.

There were four woman parliamentarians present. “Women by their very nature are peacemakers,” she said, and encouraged them to make “women-friendly laws” in Nepal.

She continued by extolling the role that woman can make in changing social mindsets.  “Women need to be involved in every area of society, including those more traditionally dominated by men.” She specifically named the legal profession, politics, and economic enterprises.

Questions from the audience livened up the already spirited atmosphere. Inquiries touched on the need for a vegetarian diet (everyone should choose to their liking); the role of the “Children’s Brigade” in the post Indo-Pakistan partition in 1947 (children caring for children who migrated from Pakistan to settle in India); the need for inter-religious dialogue (it is essential to begin in homes and schools); the role of women lawmakers (stand up for what you believe in and be willing to resign from your post if the need arises).

Prof. Lal Kumari Gurung, professor at the Tribhuvan University College of Nursing in Kathmandu, thanked everyone for their participation. She summarized the interaction, thanked Dr. Giri for taking time from her busy schedule to come to Nepal, and invited everyone to dinner.

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