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Empowerment of Women

Seeking to Eliminate Violence Against Women in Albania

Tirana, Albania - A group of young women volunteers went out to the main streets of Tirana, the capital of Albania, to distribute leaflets to educate men and women about violence against women. In particular, the leaflet informed parents about how to promote healthy relationships in the home between parents and children, husband and wife, and among siblings based on the universal principle of “living for others.”

The Universal Peace Federation of Albania, along with the Women's Federation for World Peace, organized a campaign and forum on the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which was established by United Nations in 1999.

A forum on the theme “Educating Future Generations for a Society without Violence” took place at the newly-opened UPF “Peace Embassy” on November 25. Mrs. Kozeta Zavalani, an Ambassador for Peace and well-known television news reporter, presided over the forum.

Mr. Bajram Ibraj, Chairman of UPF-Tirana Peace Council, traced the beginnings of conflict to the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. He also commented about the many incidents of violence against women in Albania, where women have been disregarded and disrespected in the traditional patriarchal society.

Mrs. Saemira Pino, a professor from Tirana University and former Deputy Minister of Education, spoke about different forms of violence against women, giving statistics about violence, including the circumstances and reasons why people said they became violent. She encouraged NGOs such as the Universal Peace Federation and the Women's Federation for World Peace to organize many more meetings to educate boys and girls as well as men men women about ending violence against women.

Mrs. Tomiko Duggan, Director of the Public Affairs Office of UPF in Washington, DC, was visiting Albania and spoke about the importance of the family as the textbook of love and a cornerstone for building a peaceful society.

The President of the Women's Federation for World Peace in Albania, Mrs. Katerina Minollari, thanked everyone for their participation and encouraged them to distribute leaflets to their acquaintances and practice respect for their fellow human beings.

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