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IMAP Program Explores “Essential Roles of Media and Culture in Peacebuilding”

USA—The International Media Association for Peace (IMAP) of UPF-USA hosted a webinar on November 30, 2021 to discuss the “Essential Roles of Media and Culture in Peacebuilding.” The program opened with welcome comments from Mr. Hans Moyer, IMAP USA coordinator, followed by remarks from the moderator, Mrs. Kaeleigh Moffitt, UPF-USA director of government relations, who introduced the first speaker, Dr. Tyler Hendricks, adjunct professor, SunHak Universal Peace Graduate University.

Dr. Hendrick’s topic was “A Moral Platform for Peace.” He proposed that “True Family Values” be used as a moral platform for world peace. He said that the laws of nature, putting the whole above self, is an example to follow to attain peace. The media “needs to become one voice for sexual purity and faithful marriages.” He suggested that the government can adopt policies in school curricula and family holidays to support this.

Dr. Hendricks proposed that a moral platform is needed to bring together the people who live north and south of Korea’s 38th parallel. True family values are the platform for an agreed-upon social policy which could harmonize and energize peoples and nations.

Throughout his presentation, Dr. Hendricks pointed to the research of various experts on the family, including: J.D. Unwin, a British anthropologist; Dr. Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College; and Michael Medved, radio show host, who says that Hollywood is “driven by some hidden compulsion beyond simple greed.”

Dr. Hendricks quoted UPF co-founder, Dr. Sun Myung Moon, who addressed journalists and opinion columnists at media conferences through the years. A few excerpts:

  • The 21st century’s struggle is “a worldwide conflict of values…. A global war between morality and immorality.”
  • “We need to examine…. How the information age is affecting the human mind and spirit, … our institutions, our families, our nations and our world.
  • If you (the media) properly exercise your power, “we can secure freedom for all mankind and peace for the entire world.”
  • The media needs to “promote social norms based on human dignity, true families and faith-based values.”
  • “I expect all journalists to… give us your enthusiastic cooperation on the national level so that sexual purity and marital fidelity become a worldwide phenomenon; this is the most important spiritual and cultural revolution.”

Dr. Hendricks, who has lived in Korea, points out that sexual abstinence and absolute fidelity are indigenous values of the Korean culture. He believes these values can unite all Koreans. If North and South Korea could model the implementation of True Family Values, then the North would provide a model of implementation in a communist state for China, and the South could provide a model of implementation in a democratic nation for Japan, which would bring harmony among the nations of northeast Asia.

Mr. Larry Moffitt, secretary general of UPF North America, was the second speaker. His presentation, titled “Media Values in the Practical Application,” was about his experiences

in Russia and the former Soviet Union. These experiences taught him that by putting “intentions and actions in place, you will meet the right people and organizations and you substantially will see things happen.”

He cited as examples the many media delegations he and Mrs. Tomiko Duggan organized to visit the former Soviet Union which eventually led to the historic meeting (1990) between UPF’s co-founders and then-president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev. One of the key supporters of the media outreach was Douglas MacArthur II, former US ambassador to Japan, Belgium, Austria and Iran. Mr. Moffitt said the nephew of the famous American general, Douglas MacArthur, provided strong leadership and credibility for the fact-finding tours and was an active proponent for peace on the Korean peninsula.

Mr. Moffitt said that now we need to engage in open and honest discussions which will lead to good results. He concluded by giving examples of the successful accomplishments of the other UPF associations: ISCP, IAFLP, IAPP, IAPD, IAAP, IAACP and IAED.

For more information about UPF-USA and IMAP, click here.

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