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South Asia Peace Initiative

Kathmandu Forum Recommends Non-Violent Options in South Asian Conflicts

Recommendations resulting from a peace conference in Kathmandu, Nepal, Nov. 12, 2005. Participants included delegates from Nepal and abroad including India, USA, UK, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Thailand.

We believe that:
Peace begins by living more for others than oneself.

The origin of conflicts begins by putting private interest above public good
We recognize the need for sensitive governance, inclusive democracy, comprehensive development and rejection of violence in resolution of conflict.

The proactive role of civil society in bringing about peace, good governance and development is absolutely essential. Development should cater to the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable section of the society in the spirit of empowerment at grass root level.

Unless economic disparity, caste and gender discrimination are reduced conflicts will continue.

It is essential to have a dialogue on relevance of nonviolence directly with those who believe in violence for achieving their objectives. Dialogue should also be initiated among all related forces giving emphasis to the aspirations of people and democratic value.

There is needs for justice and equity for all sections of society, rich or poor.

Nonviolence based on truth must be promoted for restoration of peace. It must be taken as an ongoing process but not as the reaction to conflict.

Peace is essential for overall development.

Each country will have to learn from her own experience and devise own solution with national consensus.

Nation to nation understating must be promoted in reducing conflicts in the South Asian Region.

Unless root causes and environment of expansion of conflict are not addressed, its resolution will not be effective.

South Asian Regional mechanism is required to take peace initiative addressing the problems arising due to conflicts. UPF should take initiative in launching the relevant project.

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