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Albanians Commemorate UPF Founder

Albania-2017-09-03-Albanians Commemorate UPF Founder

Tirana, Albania—On the fifth anniversary of the passing of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, approximately 300 people gathered to remember the UPF founder.

Many UPF Ambassadors for Peace and other dignitaries were among those who on September 3, 2017, came to the main hall of the Tirana International hotel to review the life and achievements of Rev. Dr. Moon.

UPF-Albania President Gani Rroshi, the moderator of the event, quoted the words of Rev. Dr. Moon:

What is more important—life or love? Love is more important. Love is the origin of everything. The reason why life came into existence is because of love. The invisible God manifests His heart through visible human beings.

The program combined heartfelt messages and performances of songs and dances.

Mr. Gaqo Apostoli, the chair of the Albanian Peace Council, read a poem that he had written in which he expressed how much he misses Rev. Moon and praised his work and legacy. Those words touched the heart of all the participants.

After that, a video about Rev. Moon was shown. This was a very special moment because once again we could see the UPF founder and hear his voice.

Mr. Juljan Bradasheshi, a member of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), a student organization affiliated with UPF, read a letter that he had written to Rev. Moon. In that letter, he said: “You believed that love was more powerful then guns and bombs. Therefore, with true love, the Berlin Wall could collapse. You spoke strongly against communism in countries like North Korea or the USSR, and you emphasized Godism.” He also expressed determination that Albania can be saved by young people who understand the Principles of Peace and live for the sake of the nation and the world.

Dr. Sulejman Abazi, a psychologist and an Ambassador for Peace, expressed his respect for Rev. Moon’s life. He said he was very moved by how much Rev. Moon loved the world, and Albania as well. Mr. Abazi said: “The only way that Albania and the world can progress and overcome the difficult situation in which we are living is through the teachings of Rev. Moon and by following his life path as well.”

The last testimony given at the event came from Mateo and Majlinda Ziko, whose marriage had been blessed by Rev. and Mrs. Moon. The Zikos thanked God that they soon will become parents, and quoted Rev. Moon’s words:

All the problems and difficulties in the world will be solved when people understand that the main relationship in the universe is the parent-child relationship between God and human beings.

The evening continued with more songs and dances from professional singers and young professional dancers who brought so much joy to the event.

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