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Peace Education

“Sentido y Paz” – An Anthology by UPF-Argentina


Buenos Aires, Argentina - “Sentido y Paz” – An Anthology by UPF-Argentina was presented at the Argentine Society of Writers (SADE) in Buenos Aires, on April 29, 2014, by some of the poets and artists whose works are included in this book and who recited their poems and displayed their works. The writer Nélida Pessagno, vice-president of SADE, gave the opening speech. The board of literary critics consisted of Professor Bertha Bilbao Richter; Rabbi Arieh Sztokman, director of Affinnerity; Mr. Miguel Werner, secretary general of UPF-Argentina; and the writer Graciela Licciardi, director of Enigma Publishers and coordinator of the event.

The meeting, which included musical intervals which were performed by the Uruguayan singer Wilsom Carminatti, was declared of academic interest by the University of the Merchant Navy (Resolution 172/14), and was sponsored by “Mil Milenios de Paz,” the Civil Association “Amigos Diplomáticos,” the University of the Merchant Navy, and the Catholic University of Cuyo (San Juan). Other organizations joined this event included the Program “La vuelta al mundo” (FM Signos 92.5 – Munro – Buenos Aires), the Program “Y volverán a ser árboles” (Pehuajó – Buenos Aires), the Program “Sueños y poesías” (FM Horizonte 91.7 – Rosario), Mil Milenios de Paz and the United Nations Youth Associations in Argentina.

The next day, on April 30, the anthology was displayed in a stand by SADE and the Argentinian provinces at the 40th International Book Fair in Buenos Aires, an initiative by Enigma Publishers that helps people who want to build a culture of peace through literature and painting. “Sentido y Paz” – Anthology UPF Argentina has poems from contests held by UPF-Argentina from 2009 to 2013 and also contemporary poets selected by Enigma Publishers; winning works from the drawing and painting contest organized by Affinnerity/UPF Argentina in 2012, and artists invited by the Enigma Publisher.

Winning poets of the UPF Argentina contests 2009-2013 who contributed to the anthology: Concepción Rodríguez de Garaventa, Carlos Perea, Zulema Funes, Olga Ravelli, Marina Fagundes Coello, Cecilia Glanzmann, Corina Alegre, Teresa Gatti, Elena Pahl, Beatriz Chiabrera de Marchisone, Marta Castagnino, Irma Droz, Raúl Ifrán, Ariel Fernández, Eduardo Ascheri Moyano, Gloria Ocampo López, Susana Hayes, Raquel Fernández, Roma Rotela, Amanda Urcola, Antonio Ayala Castejón, Hilda Schiavoni, Graciela Pucheta, María Cejas, Inés Quilez de Monge

Contemporary poets invited by Enigma Publishers who contribute to the anthology: Luis R. Calvo, Nora P. Nardo, Mary Acosta, Fernanda Macimiani, Lourdes A. Zalazar, Horacio Semeraro, David A. Sorbille, María Montserrat Bertrán, Graciela Bucci, Beatriz Valerio, María Paula Mones Ruiz, Mabel Fontau, Gladys Abilar, Cira Vivern de Llamosas, Elisabeth Luna Dávila, Graciela Licciardi

Winning artists of the 2012 de Affinnerity/UPF Argentina contest who contribute to the anthology: Mabel Fontau, Ricardo Gallardo, Iris Perutic Burcio, Renzo Barros, Adelina Carrión, Pía Pereira Vázquez

Artists invited by Enigma Publishers to illustrate the cover of the anthology: Adelina Carrión, Marcela Cabeza, Marta Hoya, Iris Perutic Burcio, Mabel Fontau, Margaret Collazo, Facundo Demarchi

Jury: Bertha Bilbao Richter, Liria Guedes, Mabel Fontau, Donato Perrone, Adriana Rodríguez, Olga Lotitto, Marta Diez, Ana Cabrera Grohs, Zulma García Cuerva, Arieh Sztokman, Miguel Werner

Patrons of the contests: writer and poet Juana Alcira Arancibia, founder and president of the Hispanic Literary and Cultural Institute (ILCH) and director-editor of the prestigious international literary magazine Alba de América; the Brazilian poet Marina Fagundes Coello, bilingual writer (Portuguese-Spanish), member of ILCH and member of several literary associations; and the writer and poet Nélida Pessagno, vice president of SADE and councilor of the Foundation El Libro.

"Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”

- Preamble to UNESCO’s Constitution (1945)
Phrase that accompanied contest rules

“Each formulation of peace, either through writing or with a brush, somehow changes the receivers; they go through that scale of values in which love, friendship and respect to all without distinction of races or cultures, is an essential and friendly dialogue that contributes to that world of peace we yearn for with faith and hope.”

Prof. Bertha Bilbao Richter, Culture Secretary of ILCH
Extract of Preliminary Words to “Sentido y Paz” – Anthology of UPF-Argentina

“The word degrades with aggression, like the water with a polluting agent; but a fair expression in the appropriate time can create miracles. Quoting the Chinese proverb: 'A single word can create a new world,' at least of my particular world, which is the real starting point of change, especially if it connects the verb, which implies action and movement, because it is rooted in love as a principle, as a purpose, and as an ultimate destiny of life.”

Mr. Miguel Werner, Secretary General, UPF-Argentina
Extract of the Prologue to  “Sentido y Paz” – Anthology of UPF-Argentina

Translation: Yamila Gómez

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