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South Asia Peace Initiative

Parliamentarians Peace Council Inaugurated in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal - A parliamentarians Peace Council was launched in Nepal Nov. 6, 2014. The Parliamentarians Peace Council is a group of current members of parliament (Constituent Assembly) organized by Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, a member of parliament and for many years head of UPF-Nepal.

The Parliamentarians Peace Council is an initiative by incunbent legislators of the Nepalese Constituent Assembly committed to building a culture of peace based on rule of law, democracy, service and universally shared values. Forty-seven incumbent members of parliament are part of the council.

The chief guest was the current Speaker of the House Hon. Subash Nembang. Hon. Nembang has been speaker for more than eight years and has seen many prime ministers come and go. Hon. Dhakal had extended him an invitation to be chief guest with just one day's notice. Astonished, he said, “In all my time as speaker no one ever gave me an invitation to be chief guest with such short notice.” Hon. Dhakal replied, “We are so close, we are really like a family.” The speaker laughed … and accepted.

Twenty members of the Nepal parliament and one MP from India attended the launch. Addressing the council, Dr. Chung Sik Yong, chair of UPF-Asia, invited Hon. Nembang to lead a high-level delegation to the UPF Summit of Asian leaders taking place Manila in February 2015. Binod Dangi, secretary general of UPF-Nepal, spoke about the principle of give-and-take action as the key to sustainable peace.


The Inaugural Assembly of the Parliamentarians Peace Council (PPC Nepal) adopts the following Declaration: 
• Whereas there is a growing awareness among people throughout the world for an urgent need for visionary and bold leadership if we are to resolve the critical issues of our time;
•Whereas we consider that freedom, justice, equality, solidarity, tolerance, respect for nature and shared responsibility are fundamental values of humankind;
•Whereas the Parliamentarians Peace Council is an initiative by the incumbent Parliamentarians of the Nepalese Constituent Assembly committed to building a culture of peace based on rule of law, democracy, service and universally shared values;

We resolve to:

Strengthen the Parliamentarians Peace Council as a significant platform for fostering peace, goodwill, reconciliation and service.

Dedicate ourselves to build a world of peace where everyone lives in freedom, harmony, cooperation, and prosperity.

Develop undertakings of the Parliamentarians Peace Council in order to share best practices, build partnerships among compatible parliamentary and civil society initiatives and institutions of the world.

Organize conferences, interactions and exchanges to promote understanding and collaboration among parliamentarians.

Aspire to consider strategies that can move towards sustainable peace and prosperity as one human family.

Promote international cooperation, interfaith harmony, public-mindedness leadership and good governance.

Establish the Parliamentarians Peace Council as an officially recognized parliamentary association.

On this day the 6th of November 2014 at Hotel De’l Annapurna, Kathmandu, Nepal.


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