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Sports Programs

World Culture and Sports Festival

Seoul, South Korea – From July 21 to August 2, UPF sponsored a World Culture and Sports Festival (WCSF) on the theme "Purity, Family, Harmony and the Creation of a New Culture." The first WCSF was inaugurated in Seoul, Korea in September 1988. In its founding declaration, WCSF sought to be an exposition and series of events that illustrate and embody a world of peace in all of its many dimensions, bringing together the finest from religion and politics, art and culture, youth and sports.

The WCSF comprised several programs, bringing together participants from around the world with a goal to promote and celebrate interreligious and inter-cultural differences with the hope of helping to bring harmony within the world.

The highlight of the WCSF is the Interreligious Peace Sports Festival (IPSF). IPSF is an annual global interfaith and intercultural athletic event. Young sportsmen and sportswomen from around the world attend IPSF in the spirit of cooperation and compete as representatives of their religion, culture and nation. During the festival, athletes will have opportunities to take part in cultural programs, educational workshops and service projects. These activities contribute to the spirit of friendship and cooperation.

Sports competitions included badminton, basketball, soccer, table tennis, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. The IPSF's mission is as follows:

  • Creating a model of interreligious cooperation through sports
  • Overcoming barriers and building friendship among athletes from all religions and nations
  • Celebrating all cultural and religious heritages
  • Promoting personal and collective excellence

The IIFWP Assembly Series brings together leaders from all fields to discuss and find solutions to the challenging issues of our time. Leaders in politics and government, including current and former heads of state, diplomats, ambassadors, religious leaders, leaders from NGOs, the media, the arts and business come together for this multi-sectored approach.

Many resolutions, ideas and initiatives are launched through the Assembly Series and comprise much of the work that IIFWP takes on throughout the year. The Assembly concludes with a meeting of IIFWP international chapters, directors, and representatives for the purpose of reflection on the year's activities and planning for the future IIFWP Assembly.

World CARP is an international campus-based organization that raises young leaders of character who live for the greater good and build a culture of true love. The mission of World CARP is to encourage conscientious young people to live for the sake of others, by bridging the generations and transcending the boundaries between races, nationalities and religions.

The World Peace Blessing Ceremony is a ceremony where previously married couples and newlyweds reaffirm their marriage vows in a ceremony of unprecedented scope. The couples declare their commitment to peace across all boundaries including nation, culture, race and religion.

The founders of IIFWP, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon stated, The family holds the secret to world peace; all efforts to improve the human condition should begin with restoring and protecting the family. It is from the family that giving and selflessness arise – the very qualities that can lead to the realization of all ideals: the end of poverty, war, violence, injustice, and the environmental pillage.

They stand on the threshold of their lives' greatest and most sacred of commitments—marriage and family—and appeal to the world’s religious and political leaders for affirmation, blessing and support. The couples receive blessings and prayers from representatives of the world's religions, including leaders from Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and other world religions. They make a solemn promise for the entire world to see that they will build families of peace and remain faithful to the highest calling. Mr & Miss University Pageant

This Mr & Miss University Pageant marks the 27th pageant since its creation in 1978. The pageant includes a national cultural parade, talent presentations, and a question and answer session. In the finale the Mr & Miss University will be crowned. Judges look not only for physical beauty but also for integrity and character of the individuals.

The goal of Mister & Miss University is to bring together student representatives with various backgrounds, from across the globe, and to present a model of one global family through the medium of a beauty pageant. …We believe in the values of "Harmony," "Family," "Service" and "Excellence" and base our judging on academic and extracurricular achievements, leadership in service, appearance, artistic expression, and moral integrity. For more information visit the Mr & Miss University Pageant website

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