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Gino Strada – In Memoriam

UPF International-2021-08-13-Gino Strada – In Memoriam

UPF International—Beloved and respected by humanitarians around the world, Dr. Gino Strada died August 13 at the age of 73.

A world-renowned surgeon, he founded EMERGENCY, a medical-aid NGO, in 1994. He devoted his life to healing those in need, spending many hours each day at the operating table, specializing in open-heart surgeries.  He saw healthcare as a human right, and he put his ideals into action each and every day.

EMERGENCY has treated over 11 million people in 19 countries. It currently operates in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Italy, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Uganda, and Yemen.  The Salam Center for Cardiac Surgery that he established in Sudan is a state-of-the-art facility.

In 2017 Dr. Strada was awarded the Sunhak Peace Prize in recognition of his lifelong humanitarian work, serving millions of people suffering in conflict areas around the world.

When asked what theme he would recommend for the next Sunhak Peace Prize, he said: “I would suggest war abolition. It is strange that even after thousands of years, mankind still fights fiercely to kill each other.  To stop the ravages of war, the world must endeavor to completely make war a thing of the past.”

His commitment to healing was unchanging, and he spoke out passionately on behalf of those who suffer, saying, “If any human being is suffering at this moment, if they are ill or hungry, this affects all of us. Ignoring a person's suffering is always an act of violence and one of the most cowardly.”

Dr. Strada, whenever possible, joined the international programs of UPF, most recently the World Summit 2020.

His love for humanity was exemplary. His life has been a blessing to this world.

Links about Dr. Strada and the Sunhak Peace Prize. /
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