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Service Programs

Scholarship Appeal for Students in Bangladesh and Zambia

New York, USA - Help change the life of a child who wants to continue their education but is struggling to find a way to afford it by making a contribution to the Supporting Success Scholarship Fund. This project of the International Relief Friendship Foundation provides scholarships to gifted students from poverty-stricken families in Bangladesh and Zambia. Through the contributions of our sponsors, we are able to help children who would otherwise not be able to remain in their public school systems continue their education by covering the expenses of their tuition, uniform, books and school supplies.

Your donation will allow a child to stay in school who would otherwise be unable to do so. Because their families cannot afford the cost of schooling, the children we sponsor would likely end up being forced to go to work, care for their younger siblings full time, or even be pushed into an early marriage if not for the opportunity given them by generous donors like you.

While I know that people are asked for donations from countless worthy causes this time of year, I can confidently promise you that your contribution to Supporting Success will provide a child with an opportunity that will change their life. Please visit and donate what you can.

Note: See reports about the programs in Bangladesh and Zambia.

On May 25, Bill Brower, a Field Program Officer with GlobalGiving, met with 17 of IRFF’s scholarship recipients at their school in Jaigeer, Bangladesh. He sent this report:

"When low-income families face a shortage of money, the expenses to send their kids to school—fees, uniforms, supplies, transportation costs—are unfortunately often cut. IRFF, in part with your support, is helping to avoid this fate for dozens of families in Jaigeer. According to Amano Tetsuya of IRFF, when determining scholarship recipients the family’s financial situation is the first criterion, including the father’s ability to work. They then consider the student’s academic achievement, and finally their ambition (which they use interviews to help determine).

"The recipients I met with certainly seemed to be bright. I asked what they wanted to do when they were older. Engineer, to help my country develop. Doctor, because there are few in the area. Teacher. One boy seemed to surprise even his classmates by answering entirely in English. And ambitious: The students would like more scholarship money so they’re able to get private tutors in important subjects.

"IRFF is aiming for more transformational change as well with a microloan project for parents. While it seemed they’re still getting it firmly established and accepted in the community, Mr. Amano says some families have used loans to open a shop in the market or buy seeds."

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