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Peace Tour in Zambia Includes a Market Clean up

Zambia-2009-04-11-Peace Tour in Zambia Includes a Market Clean up

Lusaka, Zambia - The Global Peace Tour in Zambia was scheduled for April 9-11, just after the rainy season. Preparation meetings began in March, with teams focusing on media outreach, public relations, hospitality, transportation, fundraising, and security at the venue.

The Chairman of UPF-Zambia, former president Rt. Hon. Gen Malimba Masheke, and the Peace Council actively supported the planning. For the social impact program, we decided to clean up the COMESA market, a busy quarter near the Peace Embassy frequented by thousands of people daily. It is next to the Lusaka Kafue Round About, the main entrance to the city. The City Council, the market management, and several companies enthusiastically agreed to support the clean-up.

With volunteers, transportation, tools, and containers, prepared we launched the clean-up on April 9, joined by the Councilor for Central Lusaka and Ambassadors for Peace. Well over 250 partners from the market, the City Council, the Red Cross, John’s Ambulance Corps, teachers, and students among others gathered at 8:00 in the morning in the yard of the Peace Embassy. The Zambia Army Brass Band played the national anthem, followed by a prayer. After short speeches from the councilor who praised the initiative and urged, "This should not end here; we have to go on and clean the nation and Africa as a whole!”

Following a big banner displaying our motto, “One Family Under God,” the brass band played and volunteers joined the march through the main streets of the market. It was a wake-up call for the vendors who first expressed skepticism when being asked to contribute to the program. What they saw that morning changed everything. Teams went to their designated areas and began to sweep, pick up papers, and collect plastic bottles and all kinds of refuse which had been strewn over the streets. Everything was packed into big bags and deposited in a large container for removal. Another team cleaned  a blocked storm water drain. Several truckloads of trash were carried away. The atmosphere at the market completely changed: it was like a cloud being lifted up, leaving light fresh air and a good mood. Everybody felt like a big family, as the T-shirts proclaimed “One Family Under God!” to all.

At around mid-day we gathered at the Peace Embassy. In the closing remarks one speaker said: “Such things are very rare, and this kind of project should be emulated. It is a program that promotes peace. Cleanliness is next to godliness.”

One NGO donated refreshments for all the participants, which were very welcome by the hungry and thirsty crowd. "This exercise should be done regularly," someone commented and then asked, "When is the next one?”

We are very grateful to the many partners who donated fuel, cleaning materials, protective items, food, drinks, and even cash for the service project and the leadership conference.

International Leadership Conference

Two days later, on April 11, the International Leadership Conference opened in the Grand Room of the prominent Hotel InterContinental.

For weeks we went out delivering letters by hand to clergy leaders, politicians, diplomats, civic leaders, business people, and others. We conducted a press conference for the major electronic and print media to spread information about the program. Four interviews had been granted by TV stations and one at Radio 4. The seminar had to be well advertised, since its was held on the Holy Saturday, a busy date just before Easter Sunday. In addition, the most important traditional festival, the “Kuomboka Ceremony” at the now flooding Zambezi River in the Western Province, was announced to take place on the same day, after our mobilization was well under way.

But by then, nothing could stop us.

The program opened with music. Several renowned artists and singers agreed to perform for an appreciation fee, since the program promoted peace. The master of ceremonies was a well-known actor. A video introducing Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon was shown.

The main program commenced with the singing of the National Anthem followed by a prayer offered by Imam Abdul. By then, the hall was nearly full. Distinguished guests from all fields were present, including religious, political, civic, and business leaders. UPF leaders from Zimbabwe and Botswana were also present.

Rt. Hon. Gen Malimba Masheke opened the conference. A Member of Parliament spoke about the need for God to be involved in order for peace and development to become a reality.

The first presentation by Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi from the Africa Subregional Headquarters introduced the Universal Principles of Peace. The Minister was presented with an Ambassador for Peace certificate. After an interlude of music, the second presenter, Rev. Faerber, spoke on “Principles for a Successful Life.”

Rev. F. Sakala captivated the audience when he delivered the keynote address. Many were reading simultaneously from the printouts provided to them.

Twelve new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed. Next, Gen. Masheke with representatives of Christianity and Islam cut a three-stage peace cake.

The time went so fast. Several artists offered touching songs of peace. Everybody received part of the peace cake and a soft drink.

The final remarks were given by Dr. S. Sacika, a member of the Peace Council. After the concluding prayer by Pastor Mulenga, the conference ended.

Several TV stations recorded the proceedings and conducted interviews, and the national TV station reported about the conference during the news.

For the keynote address and more information about the peace tour, click here.


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