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World Assembly NY 2010

Peace Education

UPF Founder Says Peace Is Close Despite Renewed Tensions on Korean Peninsula

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New York, USA - Despite the sudden outbreak of renewed hostilities between the two Koreas, UPF Founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon has reiterated his firm belief that a new era of lasting peace is close at hand. His confident prediction came at the conclusion of the UPF World Assembly 2010, which drew a crowd of over 3,000 at the Manhattan Center in New York on November 22.

“We are living in a historic time of great transition,” Dr. Moon said. “It is a time for a great revolution to change history, to unite the spiritual and physical worlds and to create the ideal kingdom of heaven that God has longed for since the beginning of time.”

Back in April, when the South Korean navy ship Cheonan was sunk by an alleged North Korean torpedo attack, Rev. Moon called for restraint in a tour of major Korean cities, and held special memorial   services for the 46 South Korean sailors killed in that attack.

UPF Founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon delivers the keynote address on his vision of peace and unity at World Assembly 2010

“The problems afflicting humanity can only be resolved through an ideology based on the true love of God,” he said. “At the same time, we must be concerned to liberate the grieving heart of God, the heavenly parent who lost his beloved children. How many of you have shed tears, yearning to comfort our Father in Heaven?”

More than 30 Ambassadors and diplomatic representatives from the United Nations and from embassies in Washington DC were in attendance. “I believe the principles we heard tonight could help our nation, and I want to invite the UPF to come and hold a leadership program,” said. H.E. Dr. Mory Kaba, Ambssador of Guinea to the US. “We should all become Ambassadors of Peace,” said Dr. Mahamoud Adam Bechir, Ambassador of Chad to the US.


Interfaith Prayers for Peace Delegates from 194 nations in attendance

Rev. In Jin Moon, Senior Pastor of the Unification Church of America, opened the program by urging those gathered to become the new “peace generation” the world needs. Georgia State Senator Donzella James called for a return to traditional values and affirmed UPF’s commitment to marriage and family.

Dr. Hyung Jin Moon, who serves as the UPF International Chairman, spoke not only of the need for interfaith dialogue and cooperation, but insisted that spiritual values must serve as the foundation for good governance and harmonious international relations, referring to his father’s call for an interfaith council at the UN.

The evening also featured interfaith prayers and the lighting of peace candles by representatives of seven major world religions, and an uplifting musical interlude from the Lovin’ Life Band.

Rev. In Jin Moon, Senator Donzella James, and UPF Chair Dr. Hyung Jin Moon

Dr. Hussein Hassouna, the Ambassador of the League of Arab States to the United States, was a featured speaker. He commented on the importance of the UPF’s Middle East Peace Initiative, (MEPI), launched in 2003 to work for reconciliation despite deep historic resentments. “I know that resolving the situation in Palestine with justice, equality and fairness, to the betterment of both sides, has long been a goal of the UPF, as it is of us all,” he said. “Yet such an outcome cannot come solely through political, diplomatic, and economic efforts. It will need the application of universal principles that help all the parties go beyond the artificial barriers and boundaries that have been created by race, religion and nationality.”

Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury, the former UN Under-Secretary-General who served two terms as President of the UN Security Council, applauded the UPF’s vision of UN renewal. “Tonight’s gathering, with representatives of more than 190 nations seated in conference, supported by the prayers of religious leaders of every major faith and watched over by thousands of observers, is truly a model of what a Peace UN could be,” he said. Amb. Chowdhury promotes the Culture of Peace and has been urging effective implementation of the International Decade for the Culture of Peace.

With national representatives seated in alphabetical order, delegates from neighboring East African nations of Ethiopia and Eritrea found themselves side by side. For three decades Eritrea fought Ethiopia for its independence, which was finally recognized in 1993. The two men made plans for joint cultural programs to build better understanding and goodwill between their nations.

Lighting of the Peace Candles Entertainment from the Lovin’ life Band

Many in the audience said they left with a renewed hope for peace. New York professor, author and ethicist Dr. Lucinda Mosher observed that “it was truly uplifting and respectful of all faiths, and I fully agree that the United Nations will only be able to fulfill its mission by putting God and faith at the center.” New York United Methodist pastor Dr. Luonne Rouse agreed. “Father Moon is speaking with absolute commitment, revealing the pure truth without hesitation,” he said. “We must let the world know about this critical and opportune moment.”

Dr. Hussein Hassouna, Rev. Zoe Chang, and Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury
Among those offering prayers for peace (L to R) were Kenoh Yamagata, Buddhism; Eli Epstein, Judaism; Joshua Cotter, Unificationism; Mousaa Drame, Islam; and Satwant Singh, Sikhism.
Members of the UPF International Secretariat with UPF President Dr. Thomas Walsh and Secretary General Taj Hamad
Mirriam Omala  from the African Union presents flowers to Rev. Dr. Moon at the conclusion of the evening.

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