UPF Today magazine: 2009

UPF Today is a quarterly magazine of the Universal Peace Federation featuring activities of our international office and chapters throughout the world. The magazine is published in English and Russian, with occasional editions in other languages, including French, Spanish, and Arabic. Our archive contains .pdf files and links to the corresponding articles on our website. We encourage chapters to reprint and/or translate such portions of the magazine that they might find useful.

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UPF Today: December 2009

Русский (Russian) PDF (6.8MB)


UPF Today: October 2009

English PDF (3.5MB)
Spanish/Español PDF (3.5mb)
Arabic/العربية PDF (1.2mb)

Unicamente en UPF Hoy:


UPF Today: September 2009

Русский (Russian) PDF (4.5MB)
Français PDF (1.6MB)


UPF Today: July 2009

English PDF (1.7MB)
Spanish/Español PDF (2.5mb)

  • World Summit on Peace, Korea
    Becoming Global Citizens of Peace (English, Español, Français, Arabic), by UPF-International
  • A Culture of Service (Español), by Neil Bush
  • The Family as an Instrument of Peace, by Geetha Rajan
  • Spiritual Values as a Foundation for Leadership, by Gabriel Messan Agbeyome Kodjo
  • Being with People Who Strive for Peace, by Mohammad Yusuf bin Pengiran Abdul Rahim
  • A Better Future, by Falak Al-Jamani
  • Promoting Reconciliation, by Hasan Muratovic
  • Peace Will Not Come by Force, by Fauzia Assifi
  • Climbing Everest One Step at a Time (English, Español, Français), by Gokul Thapa
  • Honoring the International Year of Reconciliation (English, Français), by UPF-Austria
  • 20 Years Since the Fall of the Iron Curtain (English), by Mag. Elisabeth Cook & Peter Haider
  • Global Peace Tour 2009 events
  • Seychelles Global Citizen, Autobiography of Sir James Mancham (English, Español)

UPF Today: May 2009

English PDF
Russian / Русский PDF (3mb)
Korean/한국 PDF (6mb)

  • Philippines - Mindanao Peace Initiative Launched (English, Español, Français), by UPF-Philippines
  • Japan - Global Peace Initiative Promoted in Japan (English, Español), by UPF-Japan
  • Russia - UPF Moscow Considers a New Philosophy of Peace (English, Español), by Jacques Marion
  • Nepal - UPF Principles and the Drafting of the Nepal Constitution (English), by Dr. Robert S. Kittel
  • Israel - GPF Haifa on the "Holiday of Holidays" (English, Español), by Hod Ben Zvi
  • Lebanon - A Weekend of Service for Lebanese Youth (English, Español), by Thomas Schellen
  • MDGs and the Role of Women (English, Français), by Genie Kagawa
  • Kenya - Youth Summit Draws Impressive Attendance (English, Español), by Shelby Jennings
  • Malaysia - Malaysian Children Raise Funds for Children in Gaza (English, Español), by UPF Malaysia
  • France - Former Secretary-General Says UN Must Change (English), by Laurent Ladouce
  • UK - New Vision Amid Economic Crisis (English, Français), by Robin Marsh

UPF Today: January 2009

English PDF

  • Interfaith Discussion of Human Rights at the UN (English, Español, Français), by Genie Kagawa
  • Religious Youth Call for Action, Not Just Words (English, Español, Français), by UPF-International
  • Philippines - Global Leaders Endorse "One Big Family Under God" (English, Español, Français), by Leonard D. Postrado, Manila Bulletin
  • Brazil - Ecumenical Vision Takes Root in the Americas (English), by Michael Balcomb
  • Solomon Islands - Making a Model Nation of Peace in Oceania (English), by Greg Stone
  • Japan - Fifty Thousand Stand Up for Peace in Tokyo (English), by Hiroyuki Koshoji
  • Korea - Renewed Hope for Korean Reunification (English), by Ricardo de Sena
  • UK - Promoting Spiritual Values and Peace (English), by Joy Pople
  • Malaysia - Malaysia Aspires to Be the World Capital of Peace (English), by James Poon
  • Albania - The World Is Our One Home (English), by GPF-Albania
  • Moldova - Festival Bridges East and West (English), by Ronald Koonce and Meg Giassi
  • South Caucasus Peace Initiative (English, Español, Français), by Jacques Marion
  • Russia - In Memoriam: Eduard Yakovlev (English, Español, Français), by Vladimir Petrovsky
  • The Americas - UN International Day of Peace Reports (English, Español, Français), by UPF-International

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