UPF-Peru Honors UN International Day of Yoga and Appoints 34 Ambassadors for Peace

Peru-2021-07-02-UPF-Peru Honors UN International Day of Yoga and Appoints 34 Ambassadors for Peace


Peru—More than 350 participants joined the broadcast of a forum celebrating the UN 2021 International Day of Yoga organized by UPF-Peru on July 2, 2021.

As part of the programming, 34 new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed, committed to promoting peace initiatives and social service work to benefit those most in need. UPF-Peru Secretary General Mr. Jaime Fernández moderated the event.

Dr. Trevor Jones, executive president of UPF-Peru, reflected on the contribution of yoga to humankind in the opening remarks. In allusion to the recent statements of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, yoga constitutes "a gift from India to humankind," even more under the current circumstances experienced by humanity. Thus, yoga "has become a ray of hope for millions of people living in the midst of the pandemic."

"If there is something that the world needs, it is peace," said Magistrate Carlos Alberto Yrigoyen Forno. “The nature of UPF to which we subscribe as Ambassadors for Peace is part of an effort that needs to be spread to our closest circles. To form a great universal brotherhood, we have to start by practicing a thought of peace, which is a central aspect of yoga," he concluded.

"Yoga consists of moving from darkness to light," affirmed Mr. Kishore Gupta, president of Geeta Ashram Peru. “Yoga goes beyond the practice of body postures or asanas. Its eight factors are intended to guide people to unite with God, through our correct action and devotion.”

Similarly, Dr. Abel Hernández, from Geeta Ashram Peru, said, “Yoga is a universal divine gift whose objective is to fill all spheres of human life with unconditional love. Thoughts are capable of changing reality. Yoga allows people to be aware that they can choose to face circumstances in the direction of love,” he concluded.

"The human being is a transcendent being; in addition to being physical, the human being is fundamentally a spiritual being," said Mr. José Rafael Sánchez Medina, vice president of the Leadership Academy for Latin America. "To achieve integrity, human being must start from the unity between both aspects of human nature, mind and body." To the extent that people are aware of this, they will be able to orient their actions towards a better expression of their character and perfect their ability to love others.

For her part, naturopath and nutritionist María Teresa Carrera Saravia provided some recommendations for a healthy diet, emphasizing the consumption of natural and organic products, accompanied by a series of beneficial practices for our body: maintaining a positive mentality and a conscious attitude while eating, among others.

The event featured the participation of Elizabeth Cabezas Flores, who read a message from the United Nations for the International Day of Yoga. The presentation of the music theme “Healing the World” was performed by César Villalobos Leiva.

Dr. Jones chaired the ceremony to incorporate new Ambassadors for Peace. Congressman José Alberto Arriola Tueros, Dr. Yesenia Aracelly Briceño Lippe, and Gen. Luis Elías Caballero Toulier offered congratulatory remarks as new Ambassadors for Peace.

The event concluded with the final remarks of Dr. Jones, who thanked the panelists and guests for their attendance at the meeting and invited them to participate in UPF’s upcoming meetings and activities.

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