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UPF-Argentina Observes International Day of Friendship

Argentina-2016-08-11-UPF-Argentina Observes International Day of Friendship


Buenos Aires, Argentina—To commemorate the International Day of Friendship (1), UPF-Argentina appointed 22 new Ambassadors for Peace. The event was held on August 11, 2016 at Club Español in Buenos Aires.

Mr. Carlos Varga, director of UPF-Argentina, shared some words and the UN’s message for this year’s Day was read. Two videos, “The World at a Turning Point,” about the Ambassadors for Peace initiative, and a video entitled, “Introduction to the Universal Peace Federation,” were shown. The program also included two musical performances and a toast to all the new Ambassadors for Peace.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Varga said, “I am not here to give a speech, because we do not give speeches to our friends (referring to the International Day of Friendship); we share ‘something that comes from our heart.’” He also spoke about the importance of “raising leaders with awareness,” and said that while this is a time of great crisis, it is also a time when new things can open up. We can be afraid of everything or we can choose to step forward and each of us, with our different talents, professions and experiences, can unite our wills together and form a spirit and a bond “that make us true friends.” Mr. Varga concluded by congratulating the new Ambassadors for Peace.

Afterwards, “The World at a Turning Point,” and the “Introduction to the Universal Peace Federation” videos were shown.

Ambassador for Peace Mrs. María Teresa Herrera, pastor of the International Ministry “Rescate al Mundo,” read the UN’s message for this year’s Day. The emcees, Mr. Gerardo Beltramino and Mrs. Alba Luz Tangarife, acknowledged the supporting organizations (3).

Appointment of New Ambassadors for Peace

All those who were nominated for an Ambassador for Peace award came to the front of the room in alphabetical order, and then each was introduced. The new Ambassadors for Peace are Cecilia Amarante, Rosa Barcellos, María Cristina Cardoso, Carlos Castro, Alejandro Cocco, Ivette Del Río, Susana Etcheverri, Osvaldo García Napo, María Irene Giurlani, Martín Gloviar, Abdoulaye Gothe Mboup, Cristian Haddad, Carlos Hernández, Camilo López Bosch, Christian Oreb, Guillermo Valin, Guido Vega and Graciela Yanovsky. In addition, two couples were appointed: Mr. Wilson Carminatti and Mrs. Mariela Spangenberg, and Mr. Emanuel Sayavedra and Mrs. Kyoka Higuchi, an international couple who leads the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), an affiliated organization, in Argentina.

Each received an Ambassadors for Peace certificate (2), the autobiography of UPF Founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen and the speech, Renewing the United Nations to Build Lasting Peace, which was given by Rev. Moon on August 18, 2000 at the United Nations. The new Ambassadors for Peace were also given a UPF pin, a leaflet about the mission of the Ambassadors for Peace, and UPF-Argentina’s anthology of poems, Peace in Our Hearts and Light for the World.

Also during the appointment of the new Ambassadors for Peace, a dance and two songs were performed. José Robles and Florencia Romano, who encourage grandparents and grandchildren to exchange life experiences through dance to improve intergenerational communication and strengthen family bonds, danced the tangos, “Derecho viejo” and “Cumparsita.” The music segment of the program concluded with two songs: “Furusato” (“Hometown”), and “One Family Under God,” which were sung by a group of Japanese volunteers.

The last part of the event was a toast to the new Ambassadors for Peace. Each was given a sheet with one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on it, and photos were taken of the new Ambassadors for Peace holding the sheets.


(1) International Day of Friendship

The International Day of Friendship was proclaimed on April 27, 2011 by the UN with the idea that “friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.” The Day is also based on the recognition of the relevance and importance of friendship as a noble and valuable sentiment in the lives of human beings around the world.

Several South American countries have been celebrating the idea of friendship for many years. The World Friendship Crusade and World Friendship Day were established by Dr. Ramón Bracho in Paraguay in 1958. In Argentina, Friendship Day is celebrated on July 20 each year. The Day was created in 1969 by Dr. Enrique Ernesto Febbraro who, after watching man set foot on the moon for the first time that year, realized that all humankind was united. 

(2) Content of the Ambassador for Peace certificate

“The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) recognizes Ambassadors for Peace as people whose lives represent the ideal of living for the sake of others; people who work to promote moral and universal values. They are individuals who promote a solid family life, interreligious cooperation, international harmony, the renewal of the United Nations and media and the establishment of a peace culture.

Overcoming racial, national and religious boundaries, Ambassadors for Peace contribute to the realization of the hope of all ages: A unified world of peace, where the spiritual and physical dimensions of life are in harmony.

The Universal Peace Federation is proud to recognize ... as Ambassador for Peace.”

Signed by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, UPF Founders 

(3) Supporting organizations

Fundación Maestros Sin Fronteras
Mabel Kaprow, president

Ustedes, Nosotros y el Arte
Silvia Garolla, director

Instituto Literario y Cultural Hispánico
Bertha Bilbao Richter, vice president

Fundación Ambiente, Vida, Educación, Sustentabilidad (Jujuy)
Delia Graciela Del Castillo

Movimiento Pacis Nuntii (Santa Fe)
Eduardo Borri & Jackeline Giusti, coordinators

Fundación Arte, Educación y Salud (FUND.ART.E.S)
Lucrecia Potenza, director

Mujeres Peruanas Unidas Migrantes y Refugiadas
Orfa Pérez, president; Lourdes Vargas, vice president;  Olinda Pérez Moreno, secretary

 “Acción de Paz,” a radio program and magazine
Alejandro D’Alessandro, general director

Fundación Proyecto Vida
Dr. Rubén Contreras, general commissioner of Human Rights and vice president in Argentina  & Dr. Laura M. Navarro de Contreras, Human Rights director of Lanús Office.

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