Awards Given to Argentinian Volunteers


Buenos Aires, Argentina - Argentina’s individuals and organizations that do the most for others were recognized at a special awards presentation.

In support of the United Nations’ International Volunteer Day, UPF-Argentina presented the fourth annual Volunteering and Common Good Awards on Dec. 5, 2014, at the Merchant Navy University in Buenos Aires, the nation’s capital.

Volunteering individuals and organizations were recognized in the following categories: Education, Arts and Culture, Inclusion of People with Disabilities, Self-help and Spirituality, Integral Health, Communication, Environment and Ecology, Childhood, Elders, Sports and Recreation, Assistance to Victims of Violence, and Social Inclusion.

This year special mention was given to Juan Carr, a pioneer of solidarity networks in Argentina. Mr. Carr affirmed that there are more people who work for a noble cause than there are corrupt people.

The acknowledged institutions and volunteers represented the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Santa Fe, Tucumán and Buenos Aires City. And there were people of different ages, such as Emilia de Luca, an “87-year-old young woman” who founded and still leads School No. 22 in the city of Gualeguaychú in Entre Ríos province. Ms. de Luca was the winner of the Spirituality category.

Each of the awardees had a chance to express their feelings and to briefly describe their activities.

Ms. Silvia Gabriela Vázquez, secretary of the University Extension of Merchant Navy University, gave the welcoming speech, while the UN message for this day was read by Mr. Horacio Daboul, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Services in Buenos Aires’ Parque de los Patricios neighborhood. The poet Leonor Ase de D’Aloisio read a poem entitled “What Is Volunteering?” and Ms. Elena Paniagua, president of the association Ciudad Hermana San Clemente Argentina-San Clemente California, gave a symbolic present to UPF-Argentina for its work: two hands holding the world. The voices of the Provisory Choir, masterfully directed by conductor Sergio Feferovich, closed the event which completely filled the lecture hall of Merchant Navy University.

Presents were given by Carlos Varga, director of FFWPU-Argentina; Ms. Silvia Gabriela Vázquez, director of the diploma course “Social Responsibility and Resilience” of the Merchant Navy University; the diplomat in social security Alejandro D’Alessandro, president of the Center of Strategic Planning  for Social Security; Mr. Hugo Cattoni, director of the San José elders home of Ciudadela; Mr. Nicolás Volpe, representing Ms. Constanza Sena, from the West Rotary E-Club; Ms. Orfa Pérez, representing UPF-Argentina’s Peace Council; leaders of the Pacis Nuntii Movement; Eduardo Borri and Jackeline Giusti, promoters of the Universal Peace Flag; Ms. Marta Chávez, president of the Integrated World Foundation; and Ms. Azucena Molla, president of the “My Grateful Heart” foundation.

The famous and inspirational quotes that precede the Guidelines of the Solidarity Contest each year are very accurate: “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”—Mother Teresa. And: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”—Mahatma Gandhi. And—such a true statement, as confirmed by the generosity and happiness expressed by each volunteer: “We will find happiness only when we live our lives for the sake of others”—Dr. Sun Myung Moon, the founder of UPF, from his autobiography, which was one of the many presents given to the awardees.

The International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development was established by UN Resolution 40/212 on Dec. 17, 1985. It encouraged people to “take action in order to raise more awareness of the important contribution of volunteers, thus stimulating more people from all social conditions to offer their services as volunteers.”

“De nuevo el sol ilumina un día distinto

con mil respuestas de los mil sitios

en el que el voluntario mansamente

se esfuerza, se dona, se da, se entrega…”

Poet Leonor Ase de D’Aloisio

Translation: Yamila Gómez


Fourth annual “Volunteering and Common Good” Awards


In commemoration of UN International Volunteer Day 2014

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”—Mahatma Gandhi

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”—Mother Teresa



Mr. Juan Carr

Solidarity Network

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires


(Order according to the Guidelines)


Good Will Legion (LBV)

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Mr. Edson Teixeira, resident representative of the Good Will Legion (LBV)


Association “Ciudad Hermana San Clemente Argentina-San Clemente California”

San Clemente del Tuyú, Province of Buenos Aires

Ms. Elena Paniagua, president of the association “Ciudad Hermana San Clemente Argentina-San Clemente California”


“Día Esperanza” Center

Pergamino, Province of Buenos Aires

Ms. Mónica Alejandra Benavidez, president of the “Día Esperanza” Center


Emilia de Luca, founder of School No. 22, District 17

Gualeguaychú, Province of Entre Ríos


Argentine Association of Stammering

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Ms. Beatriz Biain de Touzet, honorary president of the Argentine Association of Stammering


Fernando Antonio Corvalán, Norma Beatriz Vitantonio

Rosario, Province of Santa Fe


Latin American non-profit organization of Tigre (LADETI)

Tigre, Province of Buenos Aires

Ms. Gina Huarcaya, president of the Latin American non-profit organization of Tigre (LADETI)

Category: ELDERS

Jaime Fischer, president of the association “Coexistence Paths for Dialogue and Social Peace”

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires


“Corazón de Vida” (“Living Heart”)

José León Suárez, Province of Buenos Aires

Mr. Gonzalo Córdoba, president of “Corazón de Vida”


Foundation “Caminos de Esperanza” (“Paths of Hope”)

Corrientes City, Province of Corrientes

Ms. Dolores Saadi, president of the foundation “Caminos de Esperanza”


LEA literary workshop

Monte Vera, Province of Santa Fe

Ms. Karina Villalba, director of LEA literary workshop



(in alphabetic order)

Marisa Candela Ambrosetti


Brandsen, Province of Buenos Aires

María Isabel Bugnon

Arts and culture

Santa Fe City, Province of Santa Fe

Carlos Ángel Burgos

Solidarity works childhood

Picnic “The happy hour”

González Catán, Province of Buenos Aires

Marta Estela Castagnino

Arts and culture

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Nahomi Daniela Gonzáles Quiroz

Education and spirituality

Olivos, Province of Buenos Aires

Mariela Alejandra Martín Domenichelli

Culture of peace

San Miguel de Tucumán, Province of Tucumán

Oscar Martínez Sanz

Vocation of service

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Juan Pablo Rabbordi

Education and communication

Olivos, Province of Buenos Aires

Luis María Ríos


San Cosme, Province of Corrientes

César Luciano Sanabria

Solidarity works childhood

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Hilda Augusta Schiavoni

Cultural contribution

Inriville, Province of Córdoba

Pablo Siguenza

Social integration

Ituzaingó, Province of Buenos Aires

Sandra María Jesús Villalba

Social integration

Paraná, Province of Entre Ríos

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