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UPF-Moscow Commemorates International Day of Solidarity

Moscow, Russia - A meeting dedicated to the International Solidarity Day was held in Moscow on December 20. The UN General Assembly, in its resolution 60/209, noted that solidarity is one of the fundamental universal values that should form the basis of international relations in the 21st century. This issue of vital importance was discussed by the participants in UPF's final meeting of the year in Moscow.

The leader of the program, Secretary General of UPF-Moscow Dmitry Samko, shared about the recent achievements and current activities of UPF.

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President of the Lomonosov International Academy of Science and Business Integration (Moscow State University) Professor Yakov Zakharovich Mesenzhnik in his opening remarks emphasized that in the 21st century, solidarity must be of a tangible and concrete character: "We should move from slogans to real results in all areas of our activity and in conformity with other countries."

Secretary General of the north-west branch of UPF-Russia, Tatyana Nikolaevna Krasnosumova, reported about the "Light of the Christmas Star" festival and the development of the Baltic Dialogue peace initiative.

The Russian Federation Honored Worker of Arts, director-producer Yuvenaly Alexandrovich Kalantarov, touched in his speech on current issues of culture and art. He emphasized that it would be impossible to develop a strong, well-balanced, model nation that would be lacking spiritual and moral foundation, which in many ways is created by means of art and culture. No doubt this issue is particularly timely, and Ambassadors for Peace feel it to the depths of their hearts.

For example, young people engaged in volunteerism can inspire optimism. This was what Anastasia Rozhok, head of the center for private and corporate volunteering development "BiForsite" and head of the Department for Youth Volunteer Projects "Youth Community," spoke about. She also mentioned about the Department of Family and Youth Policy in Moscow developing the program "A volunteer’s personal records" aimed at motivating young people in their voluntary activities.

President of the International Cooperation Association "The Time and the World" Emelyanov Valery Mikhailovich drew the attention of the audience to the issue of solidarity in the religious dimension: "It is essential for all of us to have a permanent and eternal common goal. Based on this, we can be united around our creator."

The report of Dvoryanov Sergey Viktorovich, Ph.D., associate professor, playwright, and vice-president of the club "Towards a better world," gave an optimistic culmination to the meeting. He quoted the Silver Age poets and stressed that solidarity should be accompanied by compassion as the greatest ethic. He finished his speech with a pointed remark that “we cannot achieve peace acting only individually, because it is impossible to live in isolation from each other.”

At the closing of the event, Ambassador for Peace certificates were given to speakers Yuvenaly Kalantarov and Anastasia Rozhok, and to the coordinator of the projects "Marine Fraternity is Inviolable" and the International Festival "One Hundred Cities of the World" Arseniy Kritsky.

"In our world of common challenges, no country can reach success by relying only on its own sources. However, acting jointly in desire to achieve the common goal we can realize a more secure and prosperous future for all. Solidarity should be the basis for global solutions."  - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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